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Kain & Scott IS MN’s Highest Rated Bankruptcy Law Firm

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 29

When you are in such a vulnerable position like our clients are when they make the decision to file for bankruptcy, the human touch is more important than ever. While any old attorney can file your bankruptcy, having your lawyer and their team wholeheartedly in your court is a rare phenomenon.

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Completing Your Credit Counseling Courses

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 28

No one is going to deny that there is a lot of complicated red tape that those who are filing for bankruptcy have to navigate. And, in addition to that red tape, a whole lot of hoops to jump through as well!

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Why File Bankruptcy and Ignore Your Relatives

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 27

  We all have well-intentioned families. I have heard this a million times. “My dad says I should not file bankruptcy.” “My cousin Louis says I should not file bankruptcy.” “My brother says I should not file bankruptcy.”

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Looking To File Bankruptcy? Hire Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 26

 If you are looking to file bankruptcy in Minnesota, and you want the highest google reviewed bankruptcy law firm, you want Minnesota’s largest bankruptcy law firm, and you want Minnesota’s oldest bankruptcy law firm, you have all of these in one firm; Kain & Scott.

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Kain & Scott: Minnesota's Bankruptcy Law Firm

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 25

I don’t always root for underdogs. Why? I have a question for you: If you were having heart surgery and I told you, you have a choice between two doctors. The first doctor is a foot and ankle doctor, a family general practitioner and a part time heart doctor. The second doctor has been doing 100% heart surgeries for decades and that’s all she does. Which doctor would you choose to perform your heart surgery? Of course you would pick the second doctor. I would too! There are certain things you just don’t mess around with right? I mean your cousin might say hey, go see Ralph Malph the general doctor and part time heart surgeon but maybe you should consider doing some research yourself.

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Coronavirus and Minnesota's Bankruptcy Law Firm Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 24

You are not alone. If you feel the earth moving beneath your feet, you are not alone. It is an unsettling feeling. Americans are used of an economic slowdown. But, we are not used to an economic cascading business stop or halt to business. Third world countries and developing countries have experienced these kind of economic halts but not America.

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Kain & Scott's Free Credit Repair Program

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 23

There are numerous things that set Kain & Scott apart from other Minnesotan bankruptcy law firms. Our unbeatable core values, our guaranteed services, numerous locations and attorneys, our proven processes for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, our client satisfaction, and our valuable online resources to name a few! Also included in that long list of Kain & Scott assets is Kain & Scott’s FREE 90-day credit repair program.

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Avoid Bankruptcy Professionals That Are Not Professional

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 20

Kain & Scott has been doing Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy work since 1972. In fact, we are Minnesota’s OLDEST bankruptcy law firm. We have seen a thing or two when it comes to so called bankruptcy “professionals”. We have heard it all from our guests who come to us with these horror stories of how they were treated by so called bankruptcy “professionals”.

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Minnesota Bankruptcy Law Firms and Google Reviews

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 19

Have you ever thought about Minnesota bankruptcy law firms and Google reviews? Well, you probably did not unless you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer right? I have always marveled at the willingness of people who filed bankruptcy to put their names on Google reviews. To me, a guests willingness to put their name on Google reviews either means that they were motivated positively by the way they were treated by the Minnesota bankruptcy law firm or they were motivated negatively by a bad experience they had with a Minnesota bankruptcy law firm.

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Duluth Pros Refer their Bankruptcy Clients To Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 18

At Kain & Scott we like our clients. We want our clients treated with kindness, helpfulness, professionalism and exceptional customer service. We will not refer our guests to any other professionals, whether they are lawyers, doctors, mortgage brokers, or car sales people, unless the professional agrees to treat our guests exceptionally well.

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Doctors and Lawyers File Bankruptcy in MN Too

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 17

There are some misunderstandings about who files bankruptcy in Minnesota. I think sometimes we tend to categorize people who file bankruptcy. Maybe you think of people who file bankruptcy as a sales person or maybe you think people who file bankruptcy are factory workers. I am here to tell you that bankruptcy filings cross all socio-economic spectrums.

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How To Find Out If you Should File Bankruptcy In Seconds

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 16

Can you imagine an interactive tool you could use to find out if you should be considering filing bankruptcy, and then which chapter you should consider filing? How awesome would it be to spend a few seconds answering a few questions and then have the dial point to what you should do? Imagine the dial pointing to either bankruptcy, do nothing, or debt consolidation.

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Cornoavirus and Bankruptcy in Minnesota

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 14

How will Coronavirus impact bankruptcy in Minnesota? Well, first off, the Coronavirus will cause a number of bankruptcies. Why? Have you seen pictures of the streets in Italy and China? They are virtually ghost towns. The American economy is driven by consumer consumption. It is something like 70% of our economy is driven by consumer likes you and I.

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Before You Hire A MN Bankruptcy Law Firm - Read GlassDoor Reviews

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 14

What a wonderful way to review a Minnesota bankruptcy law firm. Glassdoor.com is a website you can go to read what the current and former employees of a Minnesota bankruptcy law firm have to say about their experience with the firm. I don’t think most people think about www.glassdoor.com as a useful tool in using to decide whether to engage a Minnesota bankruptcy law firm, but consider this: would it make a difference to you, in deciding which bankruptcy law firm to hire, if the former employees had really ugly things to say about the law firm?

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How Kain & Scott Makes Filing For Bankruptcy AFFORDABLE

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 13

One of the things that really sets Kain & Scott apart from other bankruptcy practices is that we offer our clients a payment plan option. A lot of other firms charge 1) for an initial consultation and 2) all of their attorney’s fees upfront! We don’t do either of those things.

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