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With Kain & Scott, Bankruptcy is Nothing to Worry About

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 13

The bankruptcy process, like any other legal proceeding, is tricky, intricate, and absolutely covered in red tape and fine print. Thinking about tackling a bankruptcy filing on your own can be absolutely overwhelming. Not to mention having to battle through the shame and stigma of filing for bankruptcy. Where does a Minnesotan even begin?

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Kain & Scott Bankruptcy Firm Guarantees Our Fees

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 12

It should not be surprising to be treated with common decency. One would think that it would be obvious that guests and clients are respected when they enter an establishment. It should be, but in many cases, it is not. We may forgive this at the grocery store or other retail establishments where interactions are few and fleeting. But we often hear our clients have been treated poorly at other bankruptcy law firms and we find this absolutely unacceptable. 

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The Ease and Convenience of Kain & Scott!

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 11

Those who struggle with overwhelming debt often make many sacrifices. They work overtime. They take a second job. They pick up extra shifts. They miss out on spending time with family and with friends. Life’s enjoyments are replaced with constant anxiety and worry. Debt is stressful and never takes a day off. So how can anyone expect those who are already overwhelmed by bills, creditors, and notices to call out from work to meet with a bankruptcy attorney? It is ridiculous and unrealistic to expect anyone who is already under such pressure to simply be able to take time off whenever the mood strikes!

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How to Spot and Stop Creditor Harassment

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 9

When you are suffering from overwhelming debt, the ring of a phone or the opening of your mailbox can turn your stomach. Any phone call or letter could be from a creditor, a creditor’s collection agency, their attorney, or even all three! Any notice could be a summons or judgment. Our clients have lived in fear of creditor harassment –never knowing what lengths creditors may go to in order to try to collect. 

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What You Need For Your Meeting of Creditors

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 9

Many clients dread their 341 meetings (also known as the ‘Meeting of Creditors’). The thought of a court appearance sends some people into a panic. But take a deep breath, when you choose to work with Kain & Scott, we make sure you are well prepared!

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Final Steps After Filing Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 8

You will leave your Review & Sign appointment with Kain & Scott with three things: 1) relief because you are now on the fast track to getting your life back, 2) an expected date of filing for your case, and 3) a list of documents and information (if any) that is missing and still needed before your attorney can file your case. 

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Kain & Scott Aim to Be a Resource For ALL Minnesotans

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 7

We love to help people! It is why every one of our attorneys and team members come to work every day! We love to lend a hand to our fellow Minnesotans who are struggling with overwhelming debt. It excites us when we hear that guests have utilized all the information we have on our website and that it has helped them to understand their situation and weigh their options. When clients leave their initial consultations with the resources and advice we provide and they feel the weight lifted off our shoulders –we couldn’t feel more rewarded.   It makes our hard work worthwhile when we hear that our resources and services have made some’s life easier, or give them hope when they are in a dark place. 

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A Minnesota Bankruptcy is Worth the Wait

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 6

Some things you just want to be over and with and never have to think about again! A trip to the doctor’s for a colonoscopy, a Disney vacation with your in-laws and a toddler who just discovered they are terrified of mice, and filing for bankruptcy. All of these, I think we can agree, are situations that are better left in the rearview mirror. Maybe we have to do them, but let’s get them done and over with fast! Rip the bandage off!

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How Bankruptcy Helps Your Credit Score

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 5

What our guests want to know is how is bankruptcy A) going to look at my credit report and B) what is bankruptcy going to do to my credit score? These are common and worrying questions for our guests. Often times this can be the barrier that holds debtor’s back from seeking relief. Don’t let it!

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Posted by Wesley Scott on November 4

If you live in Minnesota and you are suffering from overwhelming debt, you get the stress of debt. Debt is suffocating and can make a good day really bad. Most of us cannot tolerate having our wages garnished or bank account levied. If you are struggling to pay your bills before being collected against, try paying your bills when your wages are being garnished and your accounts levied. Not good.

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Thinking About Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Eden Prairie, MN? Read This First

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 31

You probably are well aware of the courage it takes to reach out for help regarding an overwhelming debt problem. And then to make the decision to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on top of it is even more awe-inspiring. At Kain & Scott, we celebrate the client’s courage to reach out to us all the time. We celebrate that courage by going above and beyond the normal level of service and treating clients exceptionally well.

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Fees to Consider When Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Duluth, MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 30

First of all, you should be proud of yourself for making the decision to get your life back. At Kain & Scott, we know this decision is not easy to make. But do you know what all of our former clients tell us? Their only regret is that they didn’t file sooner! So congratulations for making that decision, you will not regret it. Now how much are the fees to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Duluth, Minnesota? 

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Get the Best Possible Fresh Start, at Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 29

I am reminded often of how we go the distance with clients at Kain & Scott. Part of our job at Kain & Scott is to make sure the client has the best fresh start possible. Sometimes that means bringing claims on behalf of the client without charging the client. In fact, at Kain & Scott, we often bring objections, responses, and motions and then attend the hearings on behalf of the client all for free. Why do we do this? Because it is the right thing to do. Sometimes these claims would cost the client far more in attorney’s fees than they are worth pursuing. I think the creditors and trustees often know this so these claims remain just that, claims.

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Beware of This if You Plan to File Bankruptcy in Minnesota

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 28

 If you are looking to file bankruptcy in Minnesota you must be aware of who is marketing to you. For, example, if you call someone who is out of state, tread very carefully. Why? I have known some of these entities to have you sign contracts stating that they will immediately begin work and charge you by the hour. So, if you call them, they bill you. If you email them, they bill you. The reason why this is so important is if you pay 2k for bankruptcy but decide not to file the bankruptcy, you will not receive a full refund of your fees.

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Bankruptcy: Getting Your Life Back = Debt Gone + Credit Repaired

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 25

 I know that Minnesota bankruptcy professionals often think they have done their job when they get rid of your debt for you. But at Kain & Scott, we do not think we are done yet. At Kain & Scott, we go the distance with you. To me, you don’t have your life back until 1) debt is gone and 2) your credit is repaired.

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