4 Famous People Who Survived Filing Bankruptcy

Posted by William Kain on December 2

It’s not a bad idea to take a look at some people you know - people who are successful by almost any definition who have been through the Bankruptcy Process. These people had something unexpected happen to them financially that led them to file a bankruptcy case. When you know the financial stories of these actors, musicians, sports figures and politicians, it sheds light on why we have a bankruptcy law. It reinforces the idea that “regular” people facing financial difficulty should consider protecting their paychecks, their assets, and their family’s financial security through using the bankruptcy law.

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Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney Success Stories at Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 30

I recently met with a guest in Minneapolis who I had met with 2 years ago. She was contemplating bankruptcy 2 years ago- which is why she met with me then, but she was not ready to file bankruptcy. Have you ever heard of the expression, “flowers bloom at different times?” I like that expression because it fits out clients to a tee. Often the Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorneys meet with guests and we think gee, you should really file bankruptcy and get your life back. But, for the client, this is all very brand new and scary.

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Roseville MN Bankruptcy Law Office Reviews & Horror Stories

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 28

I want to be very clear at the outset that what follows I do not like- at all. When I hear these stories it makes me very upset. When you feel overwhelmed with debt and all alone no one should be made to feel this way. The Bankruptcy Law Firm that you hire in Roseville should have your back, protect you, make you part of their team. I know this is a bit corny but I always envision my job as protecting the client like an injured bird and I am the mother hen watching out for them, protecting them, and rooting for them to succeed. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Here are some horror stories we have been told from clients that have had negative experiences when filing for bankruptcy protection.
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Should I File a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 23

Life should not hurt this much. You have decided that bankruptcy is the medicine your family needs to get your life back and look toward the future not keeping staring at the past. You should be proud of your courage and your need for certainty and security in life. It’s nice to know that when you start fresh you can pay your bills and keep the roof over your head. But still, you struggle with which bankruptcy makes most sense.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing and Eligibility Requirements in Minneapolis, MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 22

This is an age old question. You have a lot of debt or maybe you have a modest amount of debt and the creditors are like chihuahuas that just will not leave you alone. Every month is a constant battle- juggling the payment to creditors with paying your bills.

Many of our guests wonder is they qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Sometimes, it can feel like you are not a candidate for bankruptcy when you really are a good candidate for bankruptcy. How do you know if you should be considering chapter 7 bankruptcy? How do you know you even qualify to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

I know this seems like a smart ass answer, but if you are thinking about it, you probably qualify to file.

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Non-dischargeable Debts: Debts That Won't Go Away In Bankruptcy

Posted by William Kain on November 16

The purpose of filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case is, plain and simple, to discharge debt - to make debt that has overwhelmed a debtor and his family “go away.” In order to receive a discharge, the bankruptcy debtor must comply with the provisions of the bankruptcy code. So legally proper papers must be filed with the bankruptcy court, all assets and liabilities identified and relevant financial transactions disclosed. The bankruptcy debtor has to attend a meeting with the case trustee, and must cooperate with the trustee and follow court orders to receive a general discharge.  

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Tips For Finding The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Minneapolis, MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 15

You have hit the wall. You live in Minneapolis and you have lived with overwhelming debt for years. You juggled the debt as long as you could and then the house of cards came crashing down on you. You stopped paying the bills altogether and simply buried your head in the sand. When life crashes around sometimes the best coping method is to put your ear plugs in and your helmet on and let the world around you crash and burn. When you are down and out, sometimes you cope by simply ignoring it because that is what you mentally need to do. 

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The Truth About Filing Bankruptcy in Minnesota

Posted by Erick Bohm on November 14

Whether you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Minnesota, there are options for making sure you can keep your house.  One of the common misconceptions about bankruptcy is the one about losing your home.  Whether you have no equity, or some equity in your house, the Federal Bankruptcy Code and Minnesota bankruptcy statutes have provisions that allow you to protect your house.  The most important part is, keep making your mortgage payments.  However, if you’ve fallen behind, don’t worry.  We also have options for making up missed payments. 

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Getting Financing and a New Car After Filing Bankruptcy in Minneapolis

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 9

There are many outstanding benefits of hiring a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney to help you restructure or eliminating your debts but bankruptcy is not without its difficulties even after your debts are discharged. After you've successfully completed your bankruptcy you might find yourselve wondering how to keep this positive momentum going. One of the most significant components to success is a simple one we often overlook. By simply identifying our goals we can begin to develop plans to achieve them. For many of us following a bankruptcy the major priority is reestablishing our credit so that we may obtain financing once again. Many of us overlook the significance of financing; the ability to pay for groceries or unexpected costs when there is no cash on hand is incredibly stressful, and we tend to focus on the lack of cash in these circumstances. These things may seem out of reach to you after you file bankruptcy but this is certainly not the case.
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The Residency Requirements for Filing Bankruptcy in MN

Posted by Margaret Henehan on November 8

Bankruptcy is something many of us have thought about during our most difficult financial hardships. It is a wonderful tool designed specifically to help people with money problems gain the financial foothold they need to begin recovery. There are those who would exploit this legislation however which has led to a number of revisions in the bankruptcy code over the last several years. The most notable updates to the bankruptcy code in recent date came in 2005 which not only made the process more difficult to abuse but also more difficult to qualify for to those who truly need the financial help and recovery. We will be examining the rules surrounding residency and their purpose so that you may understand how this applies to your specific case. It is always best to consult with experienced MN Bankruptcy Lawyers to be sure your individual circumstances are address which our friendly staff would be happy to do for you but first let’s get started with the basics of how residency affects filing bankruptcy in Minnesota.

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5 Major Components of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Roseville

Posted by Margaret Henehan on November 7

The decision to file bankruptcy can be a difficult one and after the process of reviewing your finances and goals you will need to determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you. While chapter 7 bankruptcy completely eliminates the majority of our debts it is not always the best option for all of us. Some of us may not be able to meet the requirements to file chapter 7 bankruptcy and in these instances Chapter 13 can be an extremely effective tool for recovering from financial difficulty and regaining control over debts and obligations. Our staff of experienced Roseville MN Bankruptcy Attorneys are able to determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you and it is important you are aware that you have options. We will be discussing the steps involved with a chapter 13 bankruptcy so that you may familiarize yourself with the process and consider if a chapter 13 bankruptcy makes sense for you and your future.

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Why MInneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyers Say Filing Beats Consolidation

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 3

Paying your bills is what we all want to do. No one likes the idea of not paying debt we incurred. The idea of drowning in debt is scary and the mentioning the “b” word is even scarier. Human beings are all the same. At heart, I believe most of us would rather claw our own eye balls out than not pay our bills. And yet, life interferes with our best plans. 

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4 Famous People That Filed Bankruptcy

Posted by William Kain on November 1

One of the worst things about having money problems is the feeling people with these problems have that they are alone and isolated - that no one else has these problems. It is easy, if you are in a situation where debt problems have overwhelmed you, to feel as though you are the only person facing these problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that many famous people have filed for bankruptcy protection. Some well-known people filed bankruptcy before they became well-known; some filed at the height of their fame. It’s good to know that even people who seem to have everything have money problems. And it’s very good to know why a well-known person filed bankruptcy case - that can help explain the circumstances in which bankruptcy can help individuals with financial problems. Let’s take a look at some familiar names who have filed a bankruptcy case, and why.

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Repairing Your Credit Following Filing Bankruptcy in Roseville

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 31

Once you have completed the process of Filing Bankruptcy in Roseville and have been granted your discharge you may be under the impression your work is done and for the most part this is true. However there still remains the important task of assuring your credit information is reported correctly and updated with credit reporting agencies. This is an essential component to beginning your renewed financial stability because most of us will eventually need new credit and financing following our bankruptcy discharge.

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4 Secret Ways To Easily Meet With A Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 28

This is not easy stuff folks. The amount of courage it takes to reach out for help cannot be understated. Most of our clients in Minneapolis are embarrassed to find themselves in debt and often scared to reach out for help. However, equally nerving is not being able to pay your bills and worrying that you might be living in a card board box soon. There is hope. Debt is simply a problem to be solved and nothing more. It’s no different than having an infection in a really embarrassing location. The medical staff does not find it embarrassing, they just need to find the solution to the problem. That is the same for Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyers . Our laser focus is to solve your debt problem for good.

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