How Our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers Have Made Filing Bankruptcy Easier

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 21

Kain & Scott has been in existence since 1972. As Minnesota’s oldest Bankruptcy Law Firm, our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers have seen a thing or two about the Bankruptcy Process evolution that has taken place in Minnesota over the years. I can remember when I came aboard the firm in 1997, we would file bankruptcy cases with the bankruptcy court my mailing 3 copies of the petition and schedules to the bankruptcy court. You never knew which day was going to be your date of filing because you never knew exactly when the bankruptcy court would receive your package of copies.

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5 Reasons Why Bankruptcy In Roseville Is Better Than Debt Consolidation

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 17

So you live in Roseville MN and you had one of the 5 events happened to you which resulted in overwhelming debt: 1) business failure; 2) income drop; 3) divorce or relationship break up; 4) medical problems; 4) bad financial decisions (we have all made them). You are stressed out because you are falling behind and you can’t keep up. That uneasy feeling of slowly drowning in debt, suffocating, and you can’t seem to pull out of it. If you are a human being you will feel your tummy churning and just a depression hanging over your head. 

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Filing Bankruptcy In Minneapolis "Pro Se"

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 15

Bankruptcy is a well-established financial tool that has been a means of successful financial recovery and ongoing stability for many people all across Minneapolis.  Many Minneapolis residents will File Bankruptcy this year so that they can start 2017 with a fresh new financial start.  Among the many bankruptcies that will be filed a small percentage of them might be attempted to be filed “pro se” without the aid of an experienced Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer.  Although it’s not required by law to retain a Bankruptcy Lawyer in order to File Bankruptcy in Minneapolis there are many advantages to doing so.

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The Biggest Secret To Finding The Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 14

You are sick of the financial chaos and uncertainty. You are tired of worrying about opening the latest onslaught of bills coming in. It’s time to do something about it. You have gone to a website that lays your choices out well- that is, how do you solve an overwhelming debt problem for good. You make the courageous decision to put your family first and your creditors second. You decide it’s time to get your life back and move on with living instead of constant worrying. You should be proud of yourself!

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Everything You Need To Know About Bankruptcy Exemptions - PART 3

Posted by William Kain on October 13

Last week I wrote a second installment about Exemptions Available To Bankruptcy Debtors, under both the Federal Bankruptcy Code or state law. Last week, I looked at a number of exemptions available to debtors to protect tools of the trade, life insurance policies and the several exemptions that exist to protect the right of a debtor to receive government benefits, child support and maintenance. This week we’ll look at a few more Bankruptcy Exemptions. We’ll also try to draw a clear distinction between the exemption provisions of the Bankruptcy Code and Minnesota Statutes - and what do the differences say about the policies of the United States Congress (Bankruptcy Code) and Minnesota State Legislature (Minnesota Statutes).

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A Look At Filing Chapter 13 With Our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 12

In Roseville, the vast majority of us don’t think to seek help from the strain of an overwhelming debt problem until it has eroded away so many great aspects of our lives. We’ll forgo home and automotive expenses just so that we can buy food and clothing. This “rob Peter to pay Paul” financial black hole can be very easy to fall into and even more difficult to climb out of. Unfortunately, usually by the time you think to turn to a Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyer for help you’re already left with nothing. In these circumstances Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would generally be advised but what if you would have looked to Bankruptcy for financial relief at the onset of your struggles?

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Everything You Need To Know About Bankruptcy Exemptions - PART 2

Posted by William Kain on October 10

Last week, I wrote about the Bankruptcy Exemption Laws contained in both the Federal Bankruptcy Code as well as the exemptions contained in Minnesota’s debtor-creditor statutes. As noted, Minnesota is one of 15 states that are “opt-in” states - states that allow bankruptcy debtors to choose between the Bankruptcy Code exemptions or state law to protect property in a bankruptcy case. We also covered the exemptions available for commonly-owned property: homestead real estate, motor vehicles, household goods and furnishings, clothing and personal effects and jewelry. This week we’ll take a look at the exemptions available to people filing a bankruptcy case for property that is not quite as commonly present for most people. And we’ll look at what the differences and similarities in the state statutes and the Code tell us about the philosophy of bankruptcy law.

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What It Feels like To File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Before And AFter

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 6

How do people in Minnesota feel before they file a bankruptcy? If you are contemplating filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minnesota, chances are you feel like a real pile of dog doo doo right now. The good news is how you feel before you file bankruptcy is not the same as how you will feel after you file bankruptcy.
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A Closer Look At The Complexities Of Filing Bankruptcy

Posted by Margaret Henehan on October 5

Bankruptcy is an outstanding tool for restructuring your debts and getting out from under financial hardship but can be very difficult to do on your own.  Many people who file cases on their own, without an attorney (“pro se” filers) abandon the bankruptcy process part-way through filing because of the complexities and requirements.  It can be very difficult and a lot of work for an individual to tackle on their own, that’s why at Kain & Scott we advise working with a professional such as one of our experienced bankruptcy experts.  Let’s take a look at some of the more difficult and complex aspects Filing Bankruptcy in Minnesota!

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The Plain Truth: How Filing Bankruptcy in MN Affects Your Credit

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 4

Like so many Minnesotans that call us every day, we hear one common concern over and over again. Minnesotans worry about how bankruptcy affects their credit score and credit life after the bankruptcy is filed. If you are contemplating Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minnesota, but you just need a better handle on how bankruptcy affects your credit, here it is. The obvious question so many ask about their credit relates to their future dreams and ambitions.

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