How One MN Couple Got The Right MN Bankruptcy Attorney For Them

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 25

Life is so amazingly humbling. One minute you are feasting on life, good relationships, good money, and all seems like it is clear blue skies ahead. And then suddenly, the sky turns black, and your life seems to be on a never ending bumpy path filled with stressed relationships, debts, and heartache. It can happen fast. It usually does.

For one Minnesota couple the journey was not that rosy from the start. We will keep their names confidential, of course, but it started out shortly after (fictional names) Greg and Lisa’s wedding over 22 years ago.

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2 Popular Options Our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers Help With

Posted by William Kain on August 24

Many people struggle with their finances and are unsure as to how to seek relief. All circumstances are different and there are a variety of legal remedies designed to aid in your financial recovery. Because of the complexity of these matters it is advised you seek the knowledgeable professional advice of experienced Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers to determine what is right for you. In this blog we will begin to look at some of the key points regarding both types of bankruptcies most commonly used by individuals at Our Roseville Location. Your future needs and goals may play a large factor in determining which type of bankruptcy is right for you and depending on your circumstances.

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What To Expect From Your MN Bankruptcy Lawyer

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 23

Many people are concerned about how a bankruptcy will reflect on them and what impact it will have on their life and finances moving forward. Because of the stigma surrounding Bankruptcy, a legal process designed to provide US citizens with a means for financial recovery when needed, many people don’t talk about their financial hardships or their experience going through the Bankruptcy Process. We will be talking Dean in this segment and gaining the insight of an average Minnesotans experience Filing Bankruptcy with a MN Bankruptcy Lawyer and addressing their finances immediately following the discharge of their Bankruptcy. This is intended to shed some light on what can be expected and to debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions so let’s begin.

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MN Attorneys: Here's Why Your Clients Shouldn't Do Traditional Debt Consolidation

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 18

So, you are a Minnesota lawyer with a clientele from all walks of life. How many times have you heard a client say they have overwhelming debt? The answer is probably a lot right? And how many times has the suggestion to solve the problem been maybe you should consider debt consolidation? The answer agin is probably a lot right?

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Help For Small Business is in Financial Trouble - Part 3

Posted by William Kain on August 17

My last two blogs, Help For Small Business in Financial Trouble & Help For Small Business in Financial Trouble - Part 2, have dealt with the decision as to whether to close a business that is no longer performing financially as the owner hoped. 

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Help For Small Business in Financial Trouble - Part 2

Posted by William Kain on August 11

Last week in my blog Help For Business In Financial Trouble - Part 1, I wrote about the decision many small business owners face: in light of the financial difficulties the business is facing, should the business close down? The decision is usually very personally painful for a person who has worked long and hard to own and operate a business. The feelings can be compounded when the reasons for business failure have to do with outside market forces more than the business decisions made by the owner. Imagine the hard-working video store owner from 1996 - today it’s very likely that the video store is no longer in business, regardless of whether the owner was a smart, capable businessman.

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How MN Bankruptcy Attorneys Advise Facing Bankruptcy Before & After

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 10

There are many reasons someone might be considering Bankruptcy and at Kain & Scott our MN Bankruptcy Attorneys believe it is important to understand the causes and ways you can prevent these circumstances from impacting your life moving forward after Bankruptcy. Everyone is offered credit cards and department store cards, America has an extremely lucrative credit industry with several types of financing available for any individual. But not all lenders are invested in their customers. The lines of credit or loan options offered by some lenders are not always intended to aid the consumer but rather provide additional revenue to the lender through hidden fees and adjustable rates that were not disclosed to the customer.

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Why People Don't Regret Filing With Our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers

Posted by Margaret Henehan on August 9

I cannot stress enough that at Kain & Scott our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers have never had a client come back to and tell us that they regretted Filing Bankruptcy. No one at our firm in Roseville have ever heard that… from anyone. Filing Bankruptcy is an important decision. One that you will probably spend a good amount of time researching and thinking through carefully. However, even so... We've still never heard of anyone regretting their decision and here's why: 

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12 Debts Your Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers Can't Discharge

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 8

I am sorry you are experiencing overwhelming debt of any kind. Having overwhelming debt is stressful on anyone. Many Roseville, MN residents, when faced with crippling debt rightly turn to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to get their lives back and solve the problem once and for all. The goal of any Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is to get your life back. Technically speaking, we are looking for your debts to be “discharged” under section 727 of the Bankruptcy Code. A discharge of the debts means your liability for those debts is gone and the creditor cannot collect on those debts ever again.

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What Else Should I Know About Declaring Bankruptcy?

Posted by William Kain on August 5

Last week I started talking about little “surprises” that can happen after someone files a bankruptcy case. At the end of last week’s blog, I started discussing the issues that arise after (and sometimes significantly after) a person has received a bankruptcy discharge when someone who filed a bankruptcy attempts to refinance a mortgage that was in existence at the time the bankruptcy case was filed. Often, the mortgage company will continue to report the mortgage as “in bankruptcy” long after the bankruptcy case is done and over. Some, not all, mortgage companies do this - although the companies that do report mortgages as “in bankruptcy” are often the large, nation-wide mortgage issuers.

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