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Filing for Bankruptcy and Laughing at Yourself

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 26

 For those of us with high anxiety having someone laugh at you can be devastating. Of Course, as you get older, those sort of things become less irritating to you. In fact, as you get older you become perfectly fine with someone laughing at you or you laughing at yourself. But, can filing bankruptcy be a laughing matter? Of course it can be. I tell my children all of the time, if you are going to get pissed off at everything that goes wrong in your life you will be pissed off a lot. 

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The One Thing You Should Never Do Before Filing Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 25

We all have anxiety. We all worry about things. And in this day and age you can Google your worst fears and people often do. So it is with bankruptcy. Every single bankruptcy case I have ever handled was slightly different than others. No two bankruptcies were exact. So how can you Google your exact situation? You cannot. But that does not stop us from doing it right? We all have. But it is very dangerous to do so.

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Minnesota's Nicest Bankruptcy Law Firm Guaranteed or 100% off your Fees

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 24

When you are down and out. When you are faced with overwhelming debt, you want a Minnesota bankruptcy law firm that understands your fear of filing bankruptcy. We are so confident that Kain & Scott is Minnesota’s nicest bankruptcy law firm we guarantee it! Now—you can see the details of our guarantee on our website. A firm that is willing to guarantee their service is the nicest (most kind and helpful) has confidence in the service you will receive. 

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Best Bankruptcy Law Firm in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 23

I know, everyone says they are the best right? But don’t take our word for it. Take the word of the hundreds of satisfied clients of Kain & Scott and you too will agree, Kain & Scott is St. Cloud, Minnesota’s best bankruptcy law firm hands down. I admire the clients who are willing to write and leave, on a public forum, Google reviews about bankruptcy. Trust me, you have to overwhelm clients with kindness, helpfulness, professionalism and exceptional customer service before they will agree to leave one. I think that is a good thing. Clients who feel luke warm about your service do not leave Google reviews.

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Receiving Solicitations from a Bankruptcy Lawyer After Getting a Judgment

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 22

Have you ever had the experience of having a creditor get a judgment against you only to have a bankruptcy lawyer send you a letter soliciting you to file bankruptcy? Don’t you think this personal solicitation is a little cheesy? I mean it is bad enough to have a creditor get a judgment against you but then you have lawyers swooping in to profit off your misery? This does not seem ethical or professional at all. At Kain & Scott we never will send you a letter asking that you file bankruptcy with us because a creditor got a judgment against you. 

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Bankruptcy and Term Limits go Together

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 21

 You might be reading this title and thinking, what does bankruptcy and term limits have to do with each other? Whether you identify as a republican, democrat, independent, or any other party have you ever wondered how it is that someone could be in Congress for 30 years? Our government was supposed to be a government by the people, of the people, for the people. In other words, our government was supposed to be a citizenry government. 

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Read Google Reviews Before Hiring a Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 20

 If I had one suggestion to someone looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Minnesota it is this; read a lot of Google reviews before you call to set up an appointment with the bankruptcy law firm. Don’t read just a few Google reviews, and ignore 5 star reviews with no comments, I don’t believe them. Instead, binge read Google reviews on the Minnesota bankruptcy law firm before setting up an appointment. Do you notice anything troubling? Do you see Google reviews that express the same frustration? If so, move on to the next Minnesota bankruptcy law firm.

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You Can Always Tell When Bankruptcy Law Firm Places Profits Over People

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 19

You can always tell when a bankruptcy law firm places profits over people. Their employees are miserable and their clients are unhappy. Don’t believe me? Take a look at a bankruptcy law firm’s Glassdoor reviews and read it for yourself. Sometimes, you need to take these Glassdoor reviews with a grain of salt because, in some cases, there are rumors of employers incentivizing employees to leave rosy Glassdoor reviews. 

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How You Feel Before Filing Bankruptcy is Polar Opposite How You Feel After Filing

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 19

You don’t need to suffer from high anxiety to be emotionally drained from the thought of having to file bankruptcy. For most of us, the thought of bankruptcy is initially devastating. At Kain & Scott, we know exactly how you feel right now. How? All of our former clients felt the same way you do at this very moment. But do you know what our clients found? Once they got on the other side of bankruptcy, they a) never regretted filing the bankruptcy and b) they are happier than they were before they filed the bankruptcy. This is why the way you feel now will not last forever.

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Filing Bankruptcy is Good for Your Health, Dr. Scott Says

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 18

 We attorneys joke all the time with each other about being doctors. I mean, we really are doctors. If you are a lawyer you have a Juris Doctorate degree which mean you are a doctor. So when I am referring to Dr. Scott, I am referring to myself as a licensed attorney. Now let us get on with the subject at hand.

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Who Will Know I filed bankruptcy?

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 17

 A lot of prospective clients want to know, who will know that I filed bankruptcy? This is a good question and one that I would also like probed before I filed bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is public information. However, this is not state court it is federal court. You cannot go down to your local courthouse and look up your neighbor’s bankruptcy because it will not be there. Instead, there are federal data bases that hold information on who filed bankruptcy and when. These data bases are password protected and you have to pay or link a credit card to the data base to gain access to it. Who among us is going to go through the trouble of a) finding the data base, b) sign up for an account, and c) link your credit card to the account to gain access to check on whether someone did or did not file bankruptcy?

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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Duluth MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 16

Duluth, Minnesota is a nostalgic place I have been visiting since I was a child. To see the city nestled on the banks sloping down to Lake Superior and the vast lake with the sounds of the waves and seagulls brings back memories.  Sometimes this tranquil setting can be the background to not too tranquil problems like debt. Having debt is not tranquil it is stressful and really painful. It can consume you with mental and physical stress. 

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Minnesotan's Beware: Many Google Map Listings Are Fraudulent

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 15

Minnesotans looking to file bankruptcy in Minnesota should be aware that many purported Google Map Business Listings are fraudulent. What do I mean by fraudulent? Google Maps are supposed to be accurate and give the consumer accurate information on which merchants are where and when they are open and staffed on Google Maps. The trouble is pernicious businesses dupe Google into believing that the business’s request for a local Google Map Listing is not false but is a real location staffed and open during its stated hours. For example, to obtain a local Google Map Listing for a law firm, the law firm must operate full time at that location (not by appointment only). So if the law firm represents they are open and staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday that is what Google then believes and represents to the public on Google Maps even if it is false. Why would a law firm dupe Google into publishing false advertising? Because it is big business for the law firm.

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Minnesotan's Needing To File Bankruptcy Turn To Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 14

There is no worse feeling than suffering from overwhelming debt. The weight of the debt burden crushes you like a rock. It is all you think about night and day. The stress of debt permeates everything from your own physical and mental health to your relationships with co-workers and your family. Even your children feel the stress you are under.

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Where Will My Bankruptcy Take Place?

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 12

The question often arises, “where will my bankruptcy case take place?” I find that some are worried about filing in their hometown or attending a hearing in their county courthouse.

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