(Video) Are St Paul Minnesota Bankruptcy Records Public?

Posted by Wesley Scott on February 23, 2018 at 4:01 PM
Wesley Scott

Yes, bankruptcy records are public information in general. It’s no different than your divorce records or criminal records which are public too. But, when is the last time you went down to Ramsey County and checked out your neighbor’s criminal or divorce records? Likely never right?

Most people have too many concerns and worries in the world themselves- they don’t have time to worry about someone else’s problems, because they have enough problems themselves.

Bankruptcy Records Lookup

Bankruptcy is not a state court matter, it is a federal matter. So, you will not find bankruptcy records in Ramsey County anyway. Instead, to find bankruptcy records you would have to set up an account through PACER and pay fees to pull records. Folks- I am a bankruptcy attorney. Do you know how many times I have checked whether someone has filed bankruptcy or not out of curiosity? Never!

Now, if we have a guest come in and they tell us they have filed a previous bankruptcy, we will need to pull that record to make sure they qualify to file another bankruptcy but that is it. Otherwise, we have no need or care to check prior bankruptcy records.

Public Access To Bankruptcy Records

Minnesotans have easier access to divorce and criminal records than bankruptcy records and yet, how often do we check these records on each other? So seldom! Again, my working theory is we all have enough going on in our own lives that I am not concerned about someone else’s crosses they carry. I remember growing up, an elderly gentleman telling me “the ignorant won’t know and the wise won’t say anything”. So true. The last concern on your mind should be whether bankruptcy is public information.

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