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Jesse Horoshak

Jesse Horoshak

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Can You Use Your Credit Cards in Brainerd Before Filing Bankruptcy?

Posted by Jesse Horoshak on February 2

You have had a good paying job and also using your credit cards for purchases like any other person would when the unthinkable happens: you either lose your job or for some reason your income decreases.  The dam is about to break and there is no relief in sight because you now have these credit card bills that you previously had been able to pay and had every intent to pay back.  Bankruptcy seems like the best option to get your life back, but you have heard that your creditors will cry “FRAUD!” because you have been using your credit cards recently and you fear you need to wait 90 days before you can file bankruptcy.  Your worry is that you simply cannot wait any longer.  You do not want to be accused of fraud, but you also do not think you can wait 90 days before filing for bankruptcy.  You need relief sooner rather than later.  What can you do?  What SHOULD you do?

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How Minnesota Bankruptcy Works (and Works for You!)

Posted by Jesse Horoshak on January 24

Don’t have any idea how bankruptcy works or what it can do for you? You’re not alone – many of our clients tell us during their free initial consultation that all they know about bankruptcy is that it is a way to get rid of debt, but are unsure how bankruptcy works and how it will affect their lives.

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Do I Need to File Business Bankruptcy in Minneapolis?

Posted by Jesse Horoshak on January 7

One of the five most common reasons that individuals living in Minneapolis might choose to file bankruptcy is as the result of a failed, or failing, business. Given the state of the economy over the past several years, many small business owners are struggling to continue to operate their businesses. Many of those business owners then begin to wonder what their options are regarding their financial struggles. One common question is whether a “business bankruptcy” is a good option.

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