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Everything You Need To Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Posted by Margaret Henehan on May 18

Most Minnesota families live hand to mouth. Almost half of the households in America cannot cover a $400 emergency expense. Most secured debt payments, like rent, mortgage, or auto loans, are three or four times that amount. In other words, just one missed installment can mean a world of hurt. Most people lack the means to make catchup payments.

Most moneylenders begin adverse action, including the dreaded acceleration notice, after just two or three missed payments. An acceleration notice demands the entire loan balance immediately; the lender will no longer accept partial payments. In situations like this, a federally-guaranteed debt repayment plan is probably your best option. Almost everything you need to know about a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is described below.

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3 Ways Our Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyers Help You Get Your Life Back

Posted by Margaret Henehan on May 13

Overwhelming debt can have a serious impact on many aspects of our lives. The longer we continue to struggle with it, the more of a negative effect they can have on us. The stress alone can place serious strain on our health and well-being but it doesn’t need to be this way. Bankruptcy is an amazing financial tool which can greatly improve the lives of those struggling to stay on top of their bills. In this blog I’m going to discuss three of the most significant ways in which our Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you take back control of your lives and your finances. Let’s begin.

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What Types of Debt Can (and Can’t) Be Discharged in a Minnesota Bankruptcy

Posted by Margaret Henehan on December 4

One of the most common points of confusion among potential clients who are considering filing bankruptcy in Minnesota is what types of debt can be discharged.

“Is all my debt eligible?” 
"What about my house and car?” 
“Can I get rid of my student loans?”
“Is there anything you can do about my hospital bills?”
“I have a huge utility bill – can I file for that?”

What many people don’t realize is that not all debt is the same and, as such, not all debt can be discharged with bankruptcy, regardless of the type of Minnesota bankruptcy you file.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minnesota

Posted by Margaret Henehan on November 17

There are 5 mistakes that may cause your bankruptcy petition to be denied and prevent you from erasing your debt. The 5 mistakes to avoid when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Minnesota are:

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How to File Bankruptcy with Minnesota’s Kain & Scott

Posted by Margaret Henehan on November 8

Congratulations on making the transformative decision to file your Minnesota bankruptcy with Minnesota’s oldest bankruptcy law firm, Kain & Scott!

Now that you’re ready to erase your debt and repair your credit with Kain & Scott, we’ve created this handy article that shows you step-by-step how fast and easy your Minnesota bankruptcy can be with our bankruptcy specialists!

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How to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Posted by Margaret Henehan on November 1

When you visit St. Cloud, Minnesota’s official website, there is a staggering amount of “how to” information for residents: if you want to report graffiti, apply for a dog license, or volunteer for a great cause, all the necessary information is laid out in easy-to-follow steps. If you want to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in St. Cloud, however, an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm that provides excellence in bankruptcy representation to St. Cloud residents is your best source for information and guidance.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: The Fastest Way to Erase Your Debt

Posted by Margaret Henehan on October 24

From the newest time-saving gadget to high-speed forms of travel, as a society we love to get things done fast. With little time to spare, our busy lives require quick and easy solutions to problems – and that includes a fast and easy way to erase debts with Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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The Equifax Data Breach: How To Ensure It Doesn’t Affect Your Credit Score

Posted by Margaret Henehan on September 26

That’s probably what a lot of people thought when they first heard of the Equifax breach last week. After a bankruptcy rebuilding your credit score quickly is important. You don’t want anything getting in the way like a data leak. There have been a lot of mixed messages on what to do to protect yourself, now that most likely, your social security number, birth date, address and other personal information is floating around the universe. The breach affected 143 million people, which is basically every adult living in the United States.

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What Happens to Your Tax Debt After Bankruptcy?

Posted by Margaret Henehan on September 20

Many people I speak with are interested in finding out what debts are not dischargeable in a bankruptcy. Meaning what debts will still remain after a bankruptcy. Tax debt is the most tricky debt to deal with in bankruptcy because there are so many rules in place that must be followed in order to determine whether tax debt can be discharged in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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Is Debt Settlement a Good Alternative to Bankruptcy?

Posted by Margaret Henehan on September 15

When a potential client comes in for an initial consultation, one of the available options for a client with a debt problem is debt settlement. But is it a good alternative to bankruptcy? The answer is mainly no, it’s not, the reasons of which are spelled out below.

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How To Find The Best Bankruptcy Law Firm In Mankato, MN

Posted by Margaret Henehan on August 30

Are you on the hunt for an experienced bankruptcy law firm in Mankato, Minnesota, but think you have a better chance of finding Bigfoot than a bankruptcy law firm that erases your debt and repairs your credit?

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Beat The Debt Heat With The Best Bankruptcy Law Firm in St Paul, MN

Posted by Margaret Henehan on August 8

Are you sweating your unpaid debt? Are creditors turning up the heat and you need a fast and easy way to freeze your debt for good? As St Paul’s summer heat reaches its prime and the sweltering temperatures of August set in, there are tips to “beat the heat” everywhere you turn. From dips in the local pool to shaved ice binges, there are countless ways for Minnesota residents to cool off once the heat index rises.

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“Happily Ever After” with the Best Bankruptcy Law Firm in Woodbury, MN

Posted by Margaret Henehan on July 26

Do you dream of a fairytale ending to your quest for a great bankruptcy lawyer to help you erase your debts in Woodbury, Minnesota?

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How To Find The Best Bankruptcy Lawyers In Minneapolis, MN

Posted by Margaret Henehan on June 29

Is debt going to ruin your summer in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Summer is officially here and with it comes all the joys of the season: barbecues, swimming, fireworks, vacations, family gatherings, camping, and all the other favorite pastimes that come when the temperature rises. The kids are home from school, the days are longer, and the air is heavy with possibilities and promise.

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The Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Buffalo, MN

Posted by Margaret Henehan on June 13

“Debt is like any other trap, easy enough to get into, but hard enough to get out of.”

When Henry Wheeler Shaw made that statement over 150 years ago, he may not have been thinking about Bankruptcy in Buffalo, Minnesota but it is almost eerie how true that statement holds today.

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