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Wesley Scott

Wesley Scott
I love being a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney because it allows me to give people hope that, together, we can get their lives back. People call us because of business failure (many businesses fail, that is a fact of life), income drop (bad economy or otherwise), divorce (happens to many), medical problems (how can you help that?), and bad financial decisions (we have all made them!). I understand the financial pressures my clients face because I experienced many of these same pressures growing up. I know that most of my clients end up in debt through no fault of their own. I became a bankruptcy attorney to give these people the help and support they need in this time of trouble.
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Kain & Scott IS Minnesota's Bankruptcy Law Firm

Posted by Wesley Scott on April 1

Kain & Scott has been protecting Minnesotans from their creditors since 1972. We have ironed out the process for filing bankruptcy in Minnesota to make it the smoothest possible for our guests. At Kain & Scott, we have no worksheets to fill out and our staff HELP you all the way. We don’t sign our guests up and say good luck to them. No, at Kain & Scott, from the very moment you reach out to us, we hold your hand through the whole process.

We know it took courage for you to reach out to us for help. We honor that courage by delivering the most kind, helpful, professional, and exceptional customer service of any bankruptcy law firm in Minnesota. How do we know this to be true? Kain & Scott is Minnesota’s HIGHEST Google reviewed bankruptcy law firm in Minnesota.

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Minnesotans Needing to File Bankruptcy Turn to Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 28

At Kain & Scott, we promise you, “we don’t judge you, we HELP you get your life back!” To us, getting your life back means eliminating debt and repairing your credit using Kain & Scott’s FREE 90-Day Credit Repair Program. So debt gone + repairing your credit = life back.

How do we eliminate unwanted debt? Easy, we turn to either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to help eliminate unwanted debt. Following your discharge, we send you through Kain & Scott’s FREE 90-Day Credit Repair Program, valued at up to $3,250.00.

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Filing Bankruptcy in MN? Know That You Are Not Alone

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 26

In today’s world, it can be easy to feel like you are alone. I actually think that “loneliness” is one of the biggest health challenges we face in the world today. Prior to the pandemic, we were already tail spinning our way into a world where we communicate virtually (think Facebook, Twitter, and a myriad of other ways). Once the pandemic hit, our tail spin has become a complete vertical drop into the virtual abyss. The farther away we get from human to human contact, the worse it becomes.

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What Happens After the 341 Bankruptcy Meeting in MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 10

As a refresher, the 341 meeting is a 5-10 minute meeting with the bankruptcy trustee. During the meeting the trustee will ask you questions to verify the information in your case. Typically these meetings take place a month after your case has been filed.

What happens after the 341 meeting will depend on what type of case you have and whether you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy, a chapter 7, or have a no asset case or an asset case.

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Searching for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Edina, MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 2

Not far down the road from Edina, there is a Kain & Scott fully staffed bankruptcy law office 40 hours per week just inside Eden Prairie, Minnesota. In fact, Kain & Scott has the most full time staffed offices in Minnesota than any other Minnesota bankruptcy law firm, all focused on helping you through your bankruptcy in Edina, MN.

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You Are Not Alone

Posted by Wesley Scott on February 28

One of the benefits of being an alumnus of Saint John’s University is having access to a daily reflection written by one of the monks at Saint John’s Abbey. Every morning at 1:00 a short reflection by Fr. Don Talafous drops into my email timeline.

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Are You Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me in Foley, Minnesota?

Posted by Wesley Scott on February 16

Just down the road from you is St. Cloud, MN where you will find Kain & Scott, Minnesota’s HIGHEST Google reviewed bankruptcy law firm. We can meet you in person or we can meet with you via phone, Skype, or even Zoom. If you find yourself a resident of Foley, Minnesota, or the surrounding area, and you are suffering with debt, Kain & Scott is nearby, and we can help you get your life back!

Most people like to choose a bankruptcy professional that is not from their hometown for privacy reasons. I totally understand this as I like my privacy as well. Reaching out to Kain & Scott in nearby St. Cloud, Minnesota gives you the closeness you want, but yet the confidentiality you demand too. Over the years, Kain & Scott has helped numerous residents of Foley and the surrounding area get their lives back by smacking the reset button and moving on with your life.

At Kain & Scott, we understand the courage it takes to reach out for help, and we honor that courage by having the most kind, helpful, professional staff that deliver the best customer service of any other bankruptcy law firm in the state of Minnesota. Want proof? Just read our Google reviews and see for yourself what our clients and former clients have to say about our level of service to our guests. You will read words like friendly, kind, helpful, professional, etc.

By reading our Google reviews you don’t have to take our word for it, take the word from your own family and friends that have used Kain & Scott to get their lives back over the years too.

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Why Kain & Scott Doesn't Use Any Review Software to Game Google or BBB Reviews

Posted by Wesley Scott on February 11

We live in a world where reviews matter. What people think of a business matters to those prospects who are looking at doing business with a merchant, law firm, or vendor. Unfortunately, there are law firms who insist on using software to game the reviews and make it appear as if the law firm has stronger Google and BBB reviews than they actually do. How is this done?

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What Are the Risks of Filing Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer in MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 25

I received a phone call from someone who had recently filed a bankruptcy case by herself. She had read all of the information she could find regarding the bankruptcy process and filing bankruptcy without using a lawyer,

She had prepared the bankruptcy petition, schedules and statements to the best of her ability. She was calling me now after she had received a phone call from an assistant for the bankruptcy trustee who had been assigned to her case – and the questions the assistant asked her was making her nervous. She was looking for help.

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What Is a Trust? Do I Need One in Minnesota?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 23

A trust is an estate planning tool. Trusts can allow individuals to protect assets, avoid taxes, avoid probate and ensure that the grantor’s assets are distributed according to the grantor’s specifications.

Once a trust is created, it needs to funded. This means that the grantor, the person with the assets, needs to move assets into the trust. If the asset is real estate, the deed to the property needs to be re-deeded in the name of the trust, if the asset is a bank account, the funds need to be moved into an account titled in the name of the trust.

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Are You Looking for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me in St. Cloud, MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 22

Kain & Scott has 9 office locations in Minnesota. 7 out of the 9 are staffed full time by real live Kain & Scott people. Rochester and Mankato are staffed by appointment only. In our St. Cloud, Minnesota office we have 3 Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy lawyers and numerous staff that are waiting to help you get your life back now.

Kain & Scott has been protecting St. Cloud, Minnesota residents from their creditors since 1972, longer than any other Minnesota bankruptcy law firm. What have we learned about bankruptcy since 1972? We have learned that our guests love to get their lives back and never regret the decision to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

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Are You Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me in Eden Prairie, MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 21

Minnesota’s largest bankruptcy law firm has an office in Eden Prairie, MN that is staffed full time. This is not one of those pretend law office locations to trick Google into appearing on Google Maps “Law Offices”. This is a fully functional and staffed bankruptcy law firm right in Eden Prairie, MN, right where you live.

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Why Is Your Bankruptcy Disclosure Statement in MN So Important?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 9

A bankruptcy consultation typically occurs when a person seems to have run out of options. Whether it’s medical debt, trying to catch up on bills, divorce, foreclosure, etc., we completely understand that it is a difficult decision to decide to give us a call. Let us be the advocate, the listener, the adviser when life has taken some unexpected turns.

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How Will a 341 Meeting in MN Have Changed Since COVID-19?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 8

Since this pandemic has begun, it has changed our day-to-day lives in major ways. It has also drastically affected the court buildings and court systems throughout the nation. As part of the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy process, there is a hearing with a trustee, referred to as a 341 meeting of creditors. This is a hearing where creditors have an opportunity to ask questions on the record regarding the debtor—it is very common for creditors to not appear though.

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Why a Corporation Is a Legal Entity Separate From Its Owners

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 7

Debt is a common threat that plagues businesses and individuals alike. Sometimes, the last resort is to consider bankruptcy. Do not worry, there are personal and business related bankruptcy options for you! But first, let’s discuss the basics of business entities and debtors.

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