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Wesley Scott

Wesley Scott
I love being a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney because it allows me to give people hope that, together, we can get their lives back. People call us because of business failure (many businesses fail, that is a fact of life), income drop (bad economy or otherwise), divorce (happens to many), medical problems (how can you help that?), and bad financial decisions (we have all made them!). I understand the financial pressures my clients face because I experienced many of these same pressures growing up. I know that most of my clients end up in debt through no fault of their own. I became a bankruptcy attorney to give these people the help and support they need in this time of trouble.
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Recent Posts

How Does Bankruptcy Effect My Co-Debtors?

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 15

Many times applying for a loan or looking for an apartment, you are required to have someone co-sign. A co-signer can be a spouse, a parent, or a friend that agrees to be liable for the debt if the primary signer fails to make payments for whatever reason.

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A Transitional Period for Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 14

There is no doubt that our firm is going through a huge transitional period and, if you are a current client or even a potential client that can make you a little wary. With a new location in Duluth popping up, two attorney’s welcoming new additions to their families, a rapidly growing Kain & Scott team, and all of our attorney traveling back and forth to satellite locations, one can worry about getting lost in the shuffle.

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WATCH OUT FOR THIS When Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St Paul, MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 13

The humility of being alive. Businesses fail, incomes drop, medical problems occur, relationships break up and yes we all make bad financial decisions. When you need to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy watch out for those people who try to prey on your weakness.

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Can I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Rochester, MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 12

People often want to know if they qualify to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Rochester, Minnesota.  The answer hinges on the answer to a couple of questions. For example, the Bankruptcy Code precludes people from filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (and receiving a discharge) if they have previously filed Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy and received a bankruptcy discharge in a certain period of time.

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Kain & Scott’s NEW Permanent Duluth Location!

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 11

One of our goals here at Kain & Scott is to be as accessible to as many Minnesotans as possible. We do this in a variety of difference ways. We offer alternatives to in-person appointments like over-the-phone, Skype, or Facetime.

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Looking For The Best St Paul, MN Bankruptcy Law Firm?

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 10

There are a lot of people in St Paul, Minnesota who are unfortunately suffering from debt needlessly. When you reach that point where you can no longer take it, you start Googling the best St. Paul, MN bankruptcy law firms. Here is what you will find.

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Live in Mankato, MN and Worried About Filing Chapter 7?

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 8

I like to remember what Eleanor Roosevelt used to say—do something that scares you every day. I like this advice but it is easier said than done. This is especially true when it comes to the “b” word. Who dreams of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? No one? But at the same time—who dreams of having a root canal or a divorce, or a failed business, or hey your job just went overseas, do you mind? If life were perfect we would all be robots and things would be tediously boring.

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I Filed Chapter 7 in St Paul, MN and Got My Life Back!

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 7

These are words we hear all the time from residents of St. Paul, Minnesota who file bankruptcy, get rid of their debt and go through Kain & Scott’s FREE 90-Day Credit Repair Program! You would think people would regret filing bankruptcy right? You would be 100% wrong! People not only don’t regret filing bankruptcy, they really regret waiting so long to file bankruptcy!

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The Road to Getting Your Life Back Together

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 6

People who have never had the burden of overwhelming debt love to spout clichés like “money can’t buy happiness” in an attempt to “comfort” their friends and family who are going through financial hardships.

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What Can Prevent My Bankruptcy From Being Discharged?

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 5

It is uncommon but not unheard of –being denied a bankruptcy discharge. Most clients will never have to worry about discharge denial. A more everyday problem for filers tends to be worrying about non-dischargeable debts which is an altogether different beast.

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Dealing With Wage Garnishments in Minnesota

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 4

A very real concern of our clients and of debtors in general is the possibility of a wage garnishment. This is when a creditor begins collections on a judgment against a debtor by withholding up to (but never more than) 25% of the debtor’s paycheck to pay off their debt.

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Receiving Your Sign-Up Documents

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 3

Some of the most important documents that you will get from us will be the sign-up packet received after your initial consultation. If one of our attorney’s recommends bankruptcy for your situation, they will provide you with all of the documents you will need to 1) retain our services and 2) prepare for your second meeting with us: the review & sign.

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Suffering From Debt? Skip Debt Consolidation - Here's Why

Posted by Wesley Scott on May 31

Not many people know about a government sponsored debt consolidation plan available to most Americans. If people who are now laboring through traditional debt consolidation plans knew about this government sponsored debt consolidation plan, they would cry tears of joy and here is why.

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The #1 Concern People Have Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St Paul

Posted by Wesley Scott on May 30

How does filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy affect my future credit? This is the number #1 concern people have filing bankruptcy in St. Paul, MN and across the state of Minnesota. The myth—you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and you ruin your credit for life and beyond. Why is this a myth? Well because it is not true and because what you think happens does not. In fact, it is just the opposite.

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Getting the Most of Your Kain & Scott Team

Posted by Wesley Scott on May 29

Some clients feel uncomfortable or embarrassed talking to Kain & Scott team members other than their attorney. We understand this hesitation. This process is a stressful time and speaking directly with your attorney can help to alleviate some of that tension. But we want you to know that our whole team can help to offer that reassurance as well!

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