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Wesley Scott

Wesley Scott
I love being a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney because it allows me to give people hope that, together, we can get their lives back. People call us because of business failure (many businesses fail, that is a fact of life), income drop (bad economy or otherwise), divorce (happens to many), medical problems (how can you help that?), and bad financial decisions (we have all made them!). I understand the financial pressures my clients face because I experienced many of these same pressures growing up. I know that most of my clients end up in debt through no fault of their own. I became a bankruptcy attorney to give these people the help and support they need in this time of trouble.
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5 Things To look For In Your Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 9

I know, it’s hard to know who to trust in a field full of companies peddling debt solution services and lawyers offering bankruptcies. When you start to research who to hire it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. However, what if I told you there are about 5 criteria you should always consider when hiring a Bankruptcy LawyerIt’s true, choosing a bankruptcy lawyer to hire in Minnesota is easy as looking at 5 criteria.

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5 Things To Avoid When Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Minnesota

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 4

When a Minnesota resident is looking into Bankruptcy, you have a wide variety of choices amongst lawyers and bankruptcy preparer vendors. The spectrum of services provided range dramatically. Remember only Lawyers can dispense legal advice. So calling the paralegal service on a park bench is probably not the best move. They cannot give you ANY legal advice. Why? They are not lawyers. If they do give you legal advice without a law license, they are committing a crime- the unauthorized practice of law.

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What Does Bankruptcy Mean for My Future?

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 31

There are many misconceptions and myths about filing bankruptcy. The biggest bankruptcy myth is that you will lose everything you own if you file for bankruptcy relief. Another popular bankruptcy myth is that you will never recover your good credit rating and never be able to obtain a loan after filing a bankruptcy. While there may be some truth intermingled with the bankruptcy misconceptions that clutter the internet, the fact is that filing bankruptcy does have both benefits and a few temporary disadvantages. Wondering what bankruptcy means for your future is a valid concern that many clients have when first consulting a bankruptcy attorney. It is with the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney that many people find the answer to their question, “What does bankruptcy mean for my future?”

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What is a Bankruptcy Discharge and How Will it Help Me Out of Debt?

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 30

Most clients ask similar questions during a bankruptcy consultation. One familiar question that I am asked is “What is a bankruptcy discharge?” The immediate follow-up question is “How can it help with my debts?” Before I answer either of these questions, I tell my clients that a bankruptcy discharge is the ultimate goal for any debtor in a bankruptcy case and it is my job as an attorney to assist you through the bankruptcy process to achieve that goal. Below is a brief discussion that answers these two questions more thoroughly.

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These Types of Bankruptcy Can Help You Find Financial Relief

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 28

When debts turn into a vicious cycle that threatens to never end, filing for bankruptcy can be a wise and prudent choice to move toward financial freedom. There are multiple types of bankruptcy that suit different situations.  The best choice for you will mainly depend on your debts, assets and current income.

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A True Story Of One Woodbury, MN Couple Who Filed Chapter 7 And Won!

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 24

Did you ever think it was possible to win at filing chapter 7 bankruptcy? It is. Recently, one couple in Woodbury, Minnesota found out how. It doesn’t matter who you are, life is humbling. This was especially true for one Woodbury couple who we recently met with.

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What Debt Consolidation Programs Conveniently Forget to Tell You

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 19

When you meet or discuss with a debt consolidation company they may not explain the “fine print” associated with their programs. At first glance debt consolidation programs seem appealing but before you sign the dotted line, make sure you know the fine details of the program you are signing up for. Here is a summary of details some debt consolidation companies try to gloss over to make their programs more appealing:

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3 Steps to Answer the Question, "Should I File Bankruptcy?"

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 18

As a bankruptcy attorney, I know that individuals and couples go through several stages when they are answering the question “Should I file bankruptcy?” While most consumers follow a similar process when tackling this question, not every person will follow the same exact path to decide whether or not bankruptcy is right for them. This is because each person’s or couple’s financial situation is unique; however, through years of experience and by helping thousands of clients through the bankruptcy process, my partner and I have learned that most debtors go through at least three stages before deciding if they should file bankruptcy. While not all three steps are necessary, and many may skip to the last and most important step, there is some value in each of the following steps.

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Conquoring The Quest For The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Roseville, MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 10

Has your family outgrown your current house? Is your car in need of major repairs? Have you been turned down for a new home, car, or other financing because of your credit? If you’re in debt, you’re not alone: as of 2016, the United States had $764 billion in credit card debt, $8.63 trillion in mortgage debt, and $1.16 trillion in auto loan debt. These staggering numbers show that the average American is drowning in debt.

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Should I File Bankruptcy In MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 7

If you’re asking yourself this question, you may feel like you’re literally drowning in debt. You struggle to keep your head above water, but in fact, you’re barely staying afloat. If you’re feeling this bogged down with stress over debt, it’s time to take action. Consider the many benefits of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Many people dread the very thought of filing for bankruptcy, when in fact it is a positive way out to get a fresh start. Do not feel like a failure; you’re doing the right thing.

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Get Debt Free through These Types of Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 3

Constantly feeling like you are trying to catch up, while preventing yourself from falling further behind, is exhausting. The longer this drags on, the more tired and discouraged you become. Financial stress is known for causing personal health problems as well as relationship issues.

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Avoid Bad Apples: Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Apple Valley, MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 1

Are you searching for the Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Apple Valley, Minnesota, but are afraid of hiring an attorney that is a “bad apple”? The right bankruptcy lawyer can help you erase your debt and get a fresh financial start, whereas the wrong bankruptcy attorney can turn your dream of being debt-free into a nightmare.

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How Do I Reduce My Minimum Payment to Creditors?

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 30

If your financial situation is spinning out of control and you are no longer able to make your full monthly payments on time, something needs to happen. Or, perhaps you are already in a debt management program and aren’t able to keep up with your already lowered monthly payments. There are two things that can be done.

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The Role of a Chapter 13 Trustee in Your Bankruptcy Case

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 28

A chapter 13 trustee will be assigned to your case when you file for bankruptcy. Think of the chapter 13 trustee’s role in your bankruptcy case similar to the role an account manager plays. This individual is appointed by the court and will manage your case from the beginning, through your entire repayment plan, at which time you will receive a discharge.

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How To Keep Your Car When Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 26

Two of the most common bankruptcy myths lead people to believe that you will lose everything you own and you will never be able to own anything in the future. Both of these are false. Most people who file bankruptcy don’t lose anything and in the future you can buy, own and possess whatever you can afford to make payments on. One of those necessary and often treasured possessions debtors fear losing is their vehicle – their mode of transportation.

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