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William Kain

William Kain
I have been practicing law for over 30 years, more than 20 of those have been with Kain & Scott, P.A. I continue to enjoy helping those who fall into unfortunate financial situations get back on their feet. St. Cloud is the community where I live, work and play, and I take great pride in helping and supporting my fellow community members in their time of need.
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5 Ways to Stop Creditor Harassment

Posted by William Kain on June 23

Best-ways-to-eliminate-credit-card-debt.pngDo any of the following situations sound familiar?

  • Do you have creditors breathing down your neck, constantly applying pressure on you for payment?
  • Are you at the point where you have stopped answering the phone, hoping the important callers will leave a message, just to avoid talking to your creditors?
  • Are you constantly worried when your employer will be contacted and your paycheck will start being affected?
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What Not To Do During The Bankruptcy Process in Minnesota

Posted by William Kain on June 22

When you enter into the Bankruptcy Process in Minnesota, or in any state, you should avoid making these common mistakes. Working with a bankruptcy attorney, if you are open and honest and trust your lawyer, will generally ensure you don’t unintentionally do anything you shouldn’t.

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What Are My Options for Personal Bankruptcy | Chapter 13

Posted by William Kain on June 15

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is right for you if you are experiencing a temporary setback causing you to be unable to make your payments. This option provides time, allowing you to get back on schedule with your finances. You will make monthly payments though they will be reduced, interest-free and your life will be void of collection agency harassment. Chapter 13 protects your property, prevents foreclosures and repossessions and prohibits wage garnishments.

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The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process In Minnesota

Posted by William Kain on June 14

You begin a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy by filing a petition. Following the petition you must also file the following documents with the court:

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How Bankruptcy Can Stop Wage Garnishment In MInnesota

Posted by William Kain on June 12

When your debt goes unpaid for an extended period of time, creditors begin to take severe action to get their money from you. Depending on the nature of your debt, creditors may initiate foreclosure, repossession, bank levies or wage garnishment. Foreclosure and repossession are reserved for secured debt, meaning creditors can take back the property you secured against your loan. A bank levy, also referred to as non-wage garnishment, occurs when your bank account is frozen due to a creditor seeking payment from you. This and wage garnishment are common tactics used to collect on unsecured debt, such as credit card debt.

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What Are My Options for Personal Bankruptcy | Chapter 7

Posted by William Kain on June 11

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is right for you if you have no assets to lose and, after paying basic monthly expenses, you have no money left to pay off debts. It gives you a fresh start and can alleviate your stress by removing your liability for repaying debt. Primary priorities for Chapter 7 filers should be to keep exempt assets and be relieved of all liability for as many debts as possible.

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The Difference Between An Average And Great Bankruptcy Lawyer in Plymouth, MN

Posted by William Kain on June 6

If you’re filing for bankruptcy in Plymouth, Minnesota, you’ve probably imagined how much better life will be once your debts are erased. You’ll have a comfortable home, nice car and a little money in the bank. Best of all, you can relax knowing that you are completely debt-free and have a fresh start to begin rebuilding your life.

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Getting Access To Credit After a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Posted by William Kain on May 30

I meet with many people every month who are struggling financially. Most of these people want to know if filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case is right for them. Some ask me “what would you do?” in their situation. The complete, thorough answer to this question requires me and my clients to look at their current situation carefully, and then analyze what the outcomes will be to them if they take no affirmative action to resolve their financial problems, what the outcomes will be if the clients decide to attempt an informal agreement with their creditors to pay back all or part of the debt owed without filing bankruptcy, and what the outcomes will be if they file a bankruptcy case - either Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 case.

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What Are The Requirements To File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Posted by William Kain on May 26

For the past three weeks, I’ve written about the requirements that are needed to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, and what is required to receive a chapter 7 discharge. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common chapter that consumer debtors use when they file a bankruptcy case. Chapter 7 is a relatively quick, cost-effective way to discharge debt for people who are being overwhelmed by their financial situation. Chapter 7 uses a “liquidation” approach to financial problems - a chapter 7 debtor does not repay her creditors in whole, or in part, and a chapter 7 trustee is appointed to liquidate any non-exempt property owned by the debtor.

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Requirements To File A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Part 3

Posted by William Kain on May 19

The past two weeks, I’ve written about what the requirements are to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy. But as I wrote last week, it is one thing to be able to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy if a person is experiencing significant financial difficulty. But the reason to file is to receive a discharge of debt. So last week we looked at what a chapter 7 debtor needs to do after the case is filed to secure that bankruptcy discharge. This week we’ll wrap up the requirements to receive a discharge.

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Manage Debt with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Minnesota Debt Solutions

Posted by William Kain on May 12

If you are considering a debt consolidation program – stop right there! Make sure you know all of your debt solutions before entering into an agreement. Consider a chapter 13 bankruptcy (Minnesota filers click here for state specific regulations) as an alternative to a debt consolidation program.

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Where to File Bankruptcy in Duluth, Minnesota

Posted by William Kain on May 4

Wondering where to file for bankruptcy in Duluth, Minnesota? Envisioning a cramped dimly-lit office with an anonymous attorney frowning at your paperwork, while you fret, embarrassed, over the amount of your debt?

Traditional bankruptcy filing requires hours of paperwork and the process of finding an attorney, filling out forms, being trapped in stuffy waiting rooms, and playing phone tag with creditors, can take over your life. Who has time for that? Don’t you wish there was an easier way to file bankruptcy in Minnesota where you controlled the process, instead of the process controlling you?

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What Happens After I File A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Financially?

Posted by William Kain on April 26

Over the past four weeks, I’ve written about the legal consequences of filing bankruptcy. As I wrote when I started looking at the legal outcomes of filing bankruptcy, while the legal consequences of filing are certainly critical for my clients to understand, legal consequences are not the only factors in a client making a decision as to whether to file a bankruptcy case. For my clients, it is just as, if not more important for them to be clear about the financial consequences of filing a bankruptcy case. The effect of filing a bankruptcy financially is what we will look at this week. And I will concentrate on what happens to the consumer debtor (as opposed to the business debtor) when I write about the financial impact of filing bankruptcy.

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What Happens Legally After Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Posted by William Kain on April 3

Last week I started writing about the outcomes experienced by persons who file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. There are legal, financial and emotional consequences to filing bankruptcy, and last week I wrote about the legal consequences of filing bankruptcy. There’s plenty to write about on this topic - this week I will continue to look at the legal outcomes of filing a chapter 7 case.
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How Bankruptcy Can Free You from the Debt Trap

Posted by William Kain on March 28

Many people have misconceptions about bankruptcy and what it is designed for. Let’s shed some light on two aspects of bankruptcy. First, how bankruptcy protects us from malicious credit and debt collection harassment. Second, what a powerful financial tool bankruptcy can be to help you get your life back.

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