Posted by Wesley Scott on April 5, 2018 at 2:20 PM
Wesley Scott

Recently, a Bankruptcy Judge sanctioned UpRight law and some of it’s “partners” and banned UpRight and some of its “partners” from filing bankruptcy cases in the Western District of Virginia. UpRight also heavily solicits Minnesotans suffering from overwhelming debt too. I am cautioning every single person I know to be very suspicious of UpRight and its’ business model.

What does this mean for people looking to file for bankruptcy?

My understanding is UpRight hopes Minnesotans suffering from overwhelming debt and researching bankruptcy services clicks on UpRight’s Google Adword campaigns ran all across Minnesota.

When the vulnerable Minnesotan calls “UpRight” in Chicago they typically speak to a non-lawyer salesperson who is paid, in part, to reel you in as a client. UpRight then refers the vulnerable Minnesotan back to a Minnesota attorney who has questionable bankruptcy experience. How this “partnership” with local Minnesota attorneys and “UpRight” comes into being or how the financial kickbacks work is not exactly clear.

What is clear is that some of “UpRight’s” google reviews in Chicago are scathing and many of the reviews call “UpRight” a “scam”. This should perk any body’s ears up. Typically the person with the best knowledge as to how a business operates is a person who has used the firm’s service before. Read the reviews, and I am not talking about the “rosy” reviews I am talking about those with negative reviews and ask yourself if it is a wise idea to use an outfit like this- or hire a local bankruptcy attorney.

Please do your homework before hiring any law firm to help you with a bankruptcy case. Filing bankruptcy is emotional and devastating to many, don’t let the firm that is helping you make you feel just as devastated as before.


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