Bankruptcy Is Not A Failure, It's A New Beginning

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 9, 2019 at 2:53 PM
Wesley Scott

minneapolis-bankruptcy-attorney-success-storiesWhat do you do when a limb on a tree dies? You cut if off. What do you do when healthy flesh is disease ridden? You either operate to remove the diseased flesh or you apply medicine to remove the illness. So it is with overwhelming debt. When your cash flow is sick, you do surgery and remove the sickness. Do people enjoy having overwhelming debt rule their lives? Hardly.

When overwhelming debt strikes, your life turns into a never ending juggling act and never ending stress. You are constantly choosing which bills to pay and then turning around and using credit to purchase the necessities you need just to survive. This is not some fun ride you are on—no way, this is a constant horror show in your life that repeats itself 24/7.

But bankruptcy is not a failure or an end, rather it is a whole new beginning. That’s right—a new beginning. If you file bankruptcy and get a bankruptcy discharge what happens? Well, for one you no longer have debt. If you no longer have debt you are no longer living a 24/7 horror story. Instead, you are living for today and looking forward to the future.

Getting rid of debt in your life is the same thing as cutting that dead limb off the tree, you are now allowing the rest of the tree to thrive and survive. The dead limb was simply dead weight on an otherwise healthy tree. Getting rid of the dead limb allows the entire tree to grow healthier. Same is true with debt. Getting rid of debt allows people to thrive and survive and get healthier—both mentally and physically.


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