Have You Been the Victim of Legal Advice Given to you by a Bankruptcy Paralegal in Minnesota

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 2, 2020 at 1:20 PM
Wesley Scott

Minneapolis-Bankruptcy-Lawyers-To-Watch-Out-For At Kain & Scott, we never have potential or current clients receive legal advice from a paralegal. Any legal advice dispensed is always dispensed to you by a licensed Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer. Trouble is, not everyone thinks that it is illegal and unethical for paralegals to give legal advice to Minnesotans suffering from overwhelming debt. 

We have even read other bankruptcy law firm reviews from clients who have been injured by the legal advice given to them by a paralegal. You see, dispensing legal advice in Minnesota can only be done by a licensed Minnesota lawyer, not anyone else. Minnesota has a statute making the unauthorized practice of law a crime. And yet, that doesn’t seem to deter some lawyers from employing bankruptcy paralegals so they can reduce overhead costs and reap more profit to purchase fancy toys.

And in the end who is injured by the unauthorized practice of law? Clients are of course. Minnesotans suffering from overwhelming debt are stressed out to begin with. What they don’t need is bad legal advice from a bankruptcy paralegal who is not licensed to dispense legal advice and to which the firm owner should know better than to break the law and cheat clients out of what they paid for—legal advice. 

If you have been the victim of the unauthorized practice of law in Minnesota we want to hear from you. We particularly want to hear from you if you filed a bankruptcy and got bad legal advice from a bankruptcy paralegal, not a licensed Minnesota attorney. 

At Kain & Scott we would never do this to you. You only meet with licensed Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers qualified to give you exceptional legal advice. 

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A Word from a MN Bankruptcy Attorney, Wesley Scott