Can I Stop A Wage Garnishment in St Paul, MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 18, 2019 at 10:59 PM
Wesley Scott

It has to be one of the most anxiety producing events in our client’s lives. You come home and open up the mail only to find a wage garnishment which has been mailed to your employer. What are you to do? Where are you to turn to? This is definitely one of the scarier events that can happen to anyone of our guests.

You say, I got this. I will just call the creditor and make a deal with them to make payments on the debt. That should stop the wage garnishment in St. Paul, MN right? But what if they are going to garnish your wages for $700.00 per month and you only offer to pay them $200.00 per month? Do you think the creditor will accept your $200.00 instead of the guaranteed $700.00 if they garnish your wages? Likely not. This is not likely to stop the wage garnishment.

Then you say, I will call a debt consolidation company quick and they can help me stop the garnishment. The trouble is creditors are not legally bound to any debt consolidation program you might do. The creditor is free to continue to garnish your wages and are likely to do so if creditor receives less than they would if they were to continue the garnishment against you.

But, don’t lose faith. There is a guaranteed way to stop the wage garnishment. File a Chapter 7/13 Bankruptcy as soon as possible. As soon as a bankruptcy is filed, all collection activity (including garnishments) must cease immediately. If your credit is already banged up, and you have enough debt to file a bankruptcy, file bankruptcy and be done with the nightmare. You will be so happy you did.


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