Common Information Needed To File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on December 12, 2018 at 10:58 AM
Wesley Scott

Once the decision to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has been made, there are documents that you should gather to make the process of filing bankruptcy easier. We already know that credit reports and asset reports should be pulled as part of the process. But, there is more information that is needed by your attorney. If you would like to be your attorney’s hero, starting gathering these documents now.

Your attorney will need the last two years of your tax returns. The best practice is to bring in all your tax schedules for each year and let your lawyer copy what they need from the tax year. Sometimes, all your attorney may need is the first two pages of state and federal tax returns. Other times your lawyer will need all schedules attached to the tax return itself as well. This is especially true if you have any self- employment income for the tax year.   

Next, bring in all paystubs you have received from an employer for the last 6 months. These stubs will be needed to determine if you are over the state median income. If you are employed, write down your gross income for each of the last six months and your business expenses too.

Keep and bring in all bills you have from creditors. While current statements are not necessary, they are helpful. The important thing about bankruptcy is providing creditors notice, not getting the amount you owe them exactly correct.

Bring with you copies of all titles to vehicle and recreational vehicles and items as well. With real estate, bring in a copy of your deed to the real estate showing the legal description of your property. These documents and information will go a long way to making the process of filing smoother.


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