Coronavirus and Bankruptcy: We Will Get Through This

Posted by Wesley Scott on May 13, 2020 at 5:14 PM
Wesley Scott

debt-relief-in-mnThere are not too many global events that can affect us all like the Coronavirus can. You may not be personally afraid of the virus but if you are 75 years old and in a retirement home you may be scared to death. We have a collective responsibility to care for one another despite the cost in terms of money.  The Coronavirus has been no fun for anyone. We have literally thousands of scientists all over the world in search for a vaccine. I believe we will 100% have a vaccine for the Coronavirus, the question is when?

Until then, we have to respect one another’s health and yet move on with our lives. Sometimes moving on with our lives cannot occur until we deal with an overwhelming debt crisis that may have been exacerbated by the virus. How many of us have suffered a reduced income? How many of us have incurred debt just to stay afloat? How many of us had to skip mortgage, vehicle, or rent payments to stay afloat? How many of us blew off our credit card payments just to put food on the table?

You are not alone. You are among thousands and thousands of good Minnesotans who are facing the same situation. Bankruptcy is a device you can use to solve an overwhelming debt problem for good. Thousands of Minnesotans are in the process of getting their lives back right now and so can you. Once you get on the other side of a debt problem, it becomes much easier to breathe, much easier to live again.  No one ever regrets filing bankruptcy, they regret waiting too long.

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A word from Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney, Wesley Scott