Doctors and Lawyers File Bankruptcy in MN Too

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 17, 2020 at 10:35 AM
Wesley Scott

There are some misunderstandings about who files bankruptcy in Minnesota. I think sometimes we tend to categorize people who file bankruptcy. Maybe you think of people who file bankruptcy as a sales person or maybe you think people who file bankruptcy are factory workers. I am here to tell you that bankruptcy filings cross all socio-economic spectrums.

Since Kain & Scott is Minnesota’s OLDEST bankruptcy law firm, we have seen it all. We have had people from all professions. We have filed bankruptcies for medical doctors, lawyers, nurses, ministers, bus drivers, psychologists, loan officers, bank presidents, bank workers, teachers, plumbers, oil workers, and everyone else under the sun.

Honestly, I think I have seen just about every profession you can imagine. Ending up in overwhelming debt is not limited to any career choice you make. If you purchase a home, and unbeknownst to you, it has a severe black mold problem, and the former owner died, and the house is now worth half what you paid for it and there is no chance in hell of selling it, your career choice is irrelevant to the black mold problem. It simply does not matter how dignified your career maybe, overwhelming debt can happen to you too.

I am a lawyer and I once forgot to pay our family’s auto insurance for a whole year! I am dead serious. During that entire year, both my wife and I were a walking bankruptcy case every single time we got in our vehicles. Scary but totally true. If you ever speak to someone who says they would not file bankruptcy they are narcissistic and full of crap. They would too because I have witnessed it many times.


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