Why File Bankruptcy and Ignore Your Relatives

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 26, 2020 at 8:00 PM
Wesley Scott

  We all have well-intentioned families. I have heard this a million times. “My dad says I should not file bankruptcy.” “My cousin Louis says I should not file bankruptcy.” “My brother says I should not file bankruptcy.”

These people are probably well intentioned but it is easy to tell someone they should not file bankruptcy when you do not have their debt. I view these retorts by family members and friends as “bullying”. Why? Think about this—what are you really telling someone when you say to them you should not file bankruptcy? What you are really telling them is “I would never file bankruptcy” and I am better off than you.

This is a horrible thing to say to another family member or friend and it is bullying. Look, we all want to pay our debt. That is a no brainer. But when you 1) start a business that fails (as most of them do), 2) suffer medical problems, 3) suffer a pay decrease, 4) suffer a relationship break up that is ugly and costly, and 5) make occasional bad financial decisions as we ALL have done, what do you suggest they do?

Do you think they should suffer for years on end? Are you willing to pay their bills since your wise council is YOU don’t think they should file bankruptcy? That is just cruel. In fact, the best thing they can do IS TO FILE BANKRUPTCY and move on with their lives. No one WANTS to file bankruptcy but I don’t want a tumor on my ass either—things happen. Do not be cruel to those people suffering with overwhelming debt, it could happen to you too!


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