Looking to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Eden Prairie, MN? Avoid This!

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 2, 2019 at 8:04 AM
Wesley Scott

Have you ever heard of the word “gimmick”? I bet you have. The word means a “trick” intended to attract attention, minnesota-bankruptcy-lawyerpublicity, or business. Unfortunately, when people suffer from debt, there are companies and law firms that use tricks to betray the public’s trust. How so?

If you see a law firm advertise that their office is open from 7 am to 9m but you go to their location and they are not really open. The door is locked and space is dark and empty, using the hours of 7 am to 9 pm would be a gimmick correct?

What about a law firm that has individual attorney Google Business listings but the attorney has not been with the firm for years, is that a gimmick? Of course, it is. Or what if I tell you that we will meet with you in your house but then you call and ask for an in-home consult only to be told no, we don’t do those or we can’t do that for months and months out forcing you to give up asking for an in-home consult? Is this a gimmick? I think so!

Or what about a law firm that quotes you a fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy but conveniently forgets to tell you that almost every other service needed for the bankruptcy is an add on expense costing you far more than the initial quote. Is that a gimmick? I think so!

Or what about a law firm that says they are a law firm but whose service really relates to referring you back to a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer with sometimes questionable bankruptcy experience? Is this a gimmick? Of course, it is!

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