I Filed Chapter 7 Bakruptcy in Eagan And Got My LIfe Back

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 9, 2020 at 2:19 PM
Wesley Scott

architecture-1836070_1920Meet Tony and Lisa. They were leading a middle class lifestyle for a long time. Tony was a 10th grade history teacher and Lisa was an RN. They always made decent money and always were able to pay their bills on time. They would both admit they lived a great lifestyle. They lived in a 500k home, took trips often, and drove really expensive vehicles. Financially, life was really good.

Then one day, Tony complained of chest discomfort. It was a terrible pain and it felt like an elephant sitting on his chest. He struggled to breathe normal. Lisa immediately rushed Tony to the hospital. It was as they both suspected. Tony had a heart attack. But it got worse. When Tony was in the hospital, he underwent a series of tests and found out he had lung cancer that had progressed as well.

Now Tony is 64 years old and Lisa is 63. Tony was forced to retire and focus on his health. His income was dramatically reduced. Lisa’s income also was reduced because she could no longer work full time. She needed to take care of Tony now. Things had changed dramatically for Tony and Lisa in just a few short months. All of sudden they fell behind on their home, their vehicle loans were delinquent and they could no longer make the credit card payments which had balances already but really ballooned after they leaned on them for what they thought would be a short time.

Today, Tony and Lisa are happily retired and living in a more modest home and are now debt free. We are happy to report Tony’s health improved dramatically. Life throws curve balls at us all the time. The humility of being alive!


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