Filing Bankruptcy in MN Does NOT Get Rid of Your Judgments! WE DO!

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 13, 2020 at 4:01 PM
Wesley Scott

tax debt and your bankruptcyAfter filing for bankruptcy, many are frustrated to find that long after the fact when they are applying for home or auto loans a judgment pops up on their credit report. They are confused because this judgment was supposed to have been discharged through their bankruptcy.

The exasperating truth is that the debt tied to the judgment has been discharged but the judgment itself remains on your credit report. So, while you are not liable for the debt the debt can still cause you trouble down the road in the form of a judgment. Irritating, no? Some “clean-slate” that is!

Because of this ridiculous technicality in the way bankruptcy works, Kain & Scott offers our clients help removing their judgements for free! Our credit repair and judgement specialist works to get any judgements our clients have cleared from their credit report! Clients pay NO additional attorney fees for this invaluable service! We also help our clients dispute any suspicious entries on their credit report and offer a complimentary credit repair course that is full of tips and tricks to help boost your score.

Once you have filed for bankruptcy and have received a discharge of your debts, there should not be anything stopping you from taking back your life! Especially not a judgement from a creditor. If you have filed for bankruptcy and received a discharge and are still seeing a judgement pull up on your credit report –contact Kain & Scott right away! Our specialist is waiting in the wings to help you!

Kain & Scott’s FREE 90-Day Credit Repair Program is the first and only of its kind! Make sure that you take advantage of it ASAP after your discharge!


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