Filing Bankruptcy in Rochester, MN? Beware of These 2 Things

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 14, 2020 at 3:34 PM
Wesley Scott

Fair Debt Collection Practices ActFor some reason, Rochester, MN has some issues with bankruptcy “professionals” located in and around Rochester, MN. Sometimes, these “professionals” are not even in Rochester, MN but they are located out of state. Recently, I was doing some research of my own and came across some interesting information. If you are looking to file Bankruptcy in Rochester, MN, and you are looking to hire a bankruptcy “professional” you should be aware of these two things. I know I would want to know both of these if I were searching for a bankruptcy professional in Rochester.

First, there is at least one bankruptcy “professional” in Rochester, MN who gets referrals from a company out of state. How does this work? There are companies that solicit people in Rochester, MN to file bankruptcy. They solicit people by using typically “Google ads” that target Rochester, MN residents who need to file bankruptcy. Once you click their ad, the follow up phone call takes you to a different state. When you reach this different state you will often speak to a non-lawyer about bankruptcy. The non-lawyer then refers you back to local counsel who may or may not always have the best bankruptcy experience. If this happens to you, find out where the caller out of state is calling you from and then read all of their Google reviews from the city and state they are calling you from BEFORE you pay them one dime!

Second, in my research, I found that some of these attorneys have quite the history with the Minnesota Professional Responsibility Board. In fact, one attorney in Rochester was recently publicly admonished by the board for his poor work in a bankruptcy case. If I were looking for an attorney, I would want to know this before hiring the lawyer. The trouble is the public doesn’t always know.

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