Filing Bankruptcy is Good for Your Health, Dr. Scott Says

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 18, 2020 at 3:17 PM
Wesley Scott

 benefits of a full-service bankruptcy law firmWe attorneys joke all the time with each other about being doctors. I mean, we really are doctors. If you are a lawyer you have a Juris Doctorate degree which mean you are a doctor. So when I am referring to Dr. Scott, I am referring to myself as a licensed attorney. Now let us get on with the subject at hand.

Medical doctors have known for a long time that “stress” can cause both mental and physical illnesses. I will let the medical doctors describe how this works because I am not a medical doctor. You can Google this and there are all kinds of medical journals written about this subject.

Debt is a huge stressor in peoples’ lives. Debt is a huge trigger that can produce stress on an individual that is very damaging both to your mental and physical health. Personally, I do not view debt any differently than someone who has a tumor or cancer. Debt is simply a problem to be solved. Thankfully, bankruptcy is a legal tool to solve a debt problem for good.

So if you want to protect your mental and physical health, eliminating debt is a good idea to achieve this. Even from a non-medical point of view, the anecdotal evidence is insurmountable. We hear it all the times from clients and former clients who have gotten their lives back. Once the bankruptcy is finished and the debt is gone, they are far happier and less stressed than they were before they filed the bankruptcy and carried the burden of debt. 

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