Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St Paul? Do This Now!

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 23, 2019 at 10:19 AM
Wesley Scott

Minnesota-Bankruptcy-Retirement-PlansIf you live in St. Paul, Minnesota and you have decided that filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy makes sense for you and your family, you need to do this right now. Doing these things will make your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing go much smoother!

First, stop paying on unsecured debt, you are wasting your money! I totally understand this is a scary thing to say to people but if you ae going to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy anyway, why continue to make payments on a debt that will get wiped out in bankruptcy? Makes no sense! So, if you know you will file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, stop paying the debt that will go away in bankruptcy.

Second, stop using the credit cards immediately. If you continue to use credit cards knowing you are filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St. Paul, Minnesota, that is considered fraud and theft.  If you have no intent to repay it, you are stealing!

Third, if you have been paying family, friends, or business partners, stop paying them immediately! We realize the desire to pay these people but the Bankruptcy Code makes some of these payments “preferences” that may have to get paid back to the trustee. My experience is debtors do not find this funny!

 Fourth, do NOT transfer any assets to anyone without the advice of a competent bankruptcy attorney. This includes do not put your money in someone else’s accounts and do not sell any assets without speaking to your bankruptcy attorney first!

Fifth, only hire a Minnesota bankruptcy law firm that does 100% Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy work. Also, make sure the firm is Minnesota’s HIGHEST GOOGLE REVIEWED bankruptcy law firm.


When the time is right, or when you are ready, reach out to Minnesota’s HIGHEST GOOGLE REVIEWED bankruptcy law firm at You will be so happy did!