Filing for Bankruptcy and Laughing at Yourself

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 26, 2020 at 3:56 PM
Wesley Scott

 why_call_kain_scott_bankruptcy_lawyers_mnFor those of us with high anxiety having someone laugh at you can be devastating. Of Course, as you get older, those sort of things become less irritating to you. In fact, as you get older you become perfectly fine with someone laughing at you or you laughing at yourself. But, can filing bankruptcy be a laughing matter? Of course it can be. I tell my children all of the time, if you are going to get pissed off at everything that goes wrong in your life you will be pissed off a lot. 

Not everything goes according to plan. Some of the most detailed and carefully studied plans in the world go awry. You see, when you boil it all down, human beings are imperfect creatures. We were made to be imperfect so we could adapt to an ever changing world. If we were all perfect, we would all be, by definition, robots. Do you want to live in a world where we are all robots? I don’t. I like imperfection. I strive for imperfection. I remember once doing a home project and I intentionally made a mistake in the project just so it was not “perfect”. At Christmas time, I always searched for a tree that was not “perfect”. 

Life is humbling. Bad things will happen to humble you. Please get used to this. Does that mean you should not try and start a business “if” it may fail and you might have to file bankruptcy? Oh hell no! We are on this earth to use our gifts and go as far as we can. So go, be you, and use your gifts. But, if you fall down and incur debt because a business failed, medical problems happened, relationship broke up, income drop occurred, or you just made some financial mistakes, who cares!? You are human! Hit the reset button and move on with your life!

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