You Can Always Tell When Bankruptcy Law Firm Places Profits Over People

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 19, 2020 at 3:27 PM
Wesley Scott

bankruptcy discharge and debt repaymentYou can always tell when a bankruptcy law firm places profits over people. Their employees are miserable and their clients are unhappy. Don’t believe me? Take a look at a bankruptcy law firm’s Glassdoor reviews and read it for yourself. Sometimes, you need to take these Glassdoor reviews with a grain of salt because, in some cases, there are rumors of employers incentivizing employees to leave rosy Glassdoor reviews. 

Another area in which profits over people show up is in Google reviews. And I am not referring to the multiple 5 star Google reviews in one day with no comments and look suspicious as heck Google reviews. I am talking about Google reviews from clients that are lengthy and heart felt and explain in detail how they left they were treated by the firm. Oh sure, focusing on profits produces profits and that in turn allows lawyers to purchase fancy homes and cars but who loses in the end? People lose. The staff are unhappy and the clients are miserable. 

Over the great arch of time, these firms cannot stand. People vote with their feet and will go to another law firm that treats their employees and clients like rock stars. And they should vote with their feet. After all, the client and the employee are consumers of a service the firm is putting out in the universe. If that service is rotten and stale, you have the right to go to a firm where the service to people is rewarded internally and externally. Life is short. Experiences matter. 

If you find a bankruptcy law firm’s advertising to be deceiving, cheesy, or just plain unprofessional (as in mailing solicitations to you when you are down and out), call a different firm.

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