How To Remove Judgments After Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on April 18, 2019 at 5:29 PM
Wesley Scott

bankruptcy_in_minnesotaJudgments are issued when a creditor or debt collector takes you to court for the debt that you owe. A summons is sent to you and if you do not respond to that summons or if you lose the case, the court will issue a judgment in favor of the creditor.

Some people have the misconception that once you file bankruptcy and receive your discharge, any judgment against you is wiped from public record. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. While a discharge frees you from the debt that caused the judgment, the judgment still remains.

Judgments are tricky things. They can be a pain in the butt when trying to get a loan, a home, a car, or a credit card. When you are trying your damnedest to get your life back together, having a judgment following you around can seem to be an immovable obstacle.

The good news is this: we can get that judgment removed for you!

The best news is that for 90 days after your discharge, we remove your judgments for free –that means no extra attorney fees!

Our judgment removal specialist is one-of-a-kind and you won’t be able to find another bankruptcy law firm to offer this awesome service.

It’s best to contact us as soon as you receive your discharge to get the judgment removal process started as quickly as we can. It normally takes between six and nine weeks for the judgment to be taken off the public record.

This is why we encourage our clients to take advantage of this service and get in touch with us as soon as their discharge goes through.

Once this process is complete and those black marks are wiped from your records, beginning the journey to fully repairing your credit and getting your life back together can truly begin!

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