I Filed Chapter 7 in St Paul, MN and Got My Life Back!

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 7, 2019 at 4:52 PM
Wesley Scott

These are words we hear all the time from residents of St. Paul, Minnesota who file bankruptcy, get rid of their debt and go through Kain & Scott’s FREE 90-Day Credit Repair Program! You would think people would regret filing bankruptcy right? You would be 100% wrong! People not only don’t regret filing bankruptcy, they really regret waiting so long to file bankruptcy!

Our former guests know how you feel now because that is how they felt too. But, what our former guests found is once they got on the other side of this, they wished they would have filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with Kain & Scott much sooner and got their lives back! Crazy right? I know, I am high anxiety and this not what you think would happen when you think about bankruptcy.

Have you ever not wanted to go to an event? You know you dreaded the day and then the day came and you went to the event and to your surprise you actually had a lot of fun? Well, bankruptcy is not like that but similar! Lol! St. Paul, Minnesota residents definitely dread filing bankruptcy. But, what they find is that it is not as painful as you think. That the thought of filing is actually worse than actually filing.

You see, solving a debt problem for good is very therapeutic. It is therapeutic because the problem is gone, forever, tax free! No more worrying about this problem because it no longer exists! Getting your life back is the most wonderful feeling in the world! I never once have had someone say you know, I wish I had my debt problem back!


When the time is right, or when you are ready, reach out to Kain & Scott at www.kainscott.com. You will be so happy you did!