Making Sure You're Always in The Loop At Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 24, 2019 at 11:09 PM
Wesley Scott

What truly sets Kain & Scott apart from every other bankruptcy law firm is our follow through. What we want for our clients is a fresh start, an optimistic future, and to be able to provide them with the resources to do just that. In addition to our 90-day free credit repair program after your discharge and our exclusive list of Minnesota professionals, Kain & Scott also offers everyone the opportunity to sign-up to be a part of our e-mailing list.

Signing up for our e-mailing list provides you with new resources all the time. Our hand-crafted e-mails provide information that is useful and accessible to everyone!

Our attorneys give you up-to-date information about bankruptcy and how it may relate to you, as well as tips to improve your financial well-being, access to our Kain & Scott e-books, and insights from Minnesota’s most experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

Being a part of our e-mailing list also provides our clients with updates, information, and important reminders concerning their case filing. Most all of our client’s frequently asked questions are broken down and explained in these helpful e-mails as well. This is to guide our clients through each and every step of our processes.

We want to give you everything you need to get your life back together and being a part of our e-mail list can set you up with the invaluable framework to do that!

Not only do we share our knowledge with clients but we also offer professionals a chance to receive our monthly “Minnesota Bankruptcy Buzz” newsletter. This letter covers a wide range of information that can be useful in many different areas of practice.

Whether you are a client, a potential filer, or a working professional, Kain & Scott has a wealth of information that we want to share!


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