Can Bankruptcy Be Filed On Medical Debt In Edina, Minnesota?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 10, 2018 at 8:00 AM
Wesley Scott

Medical bills are the worst kind of debt there is. They are impossible to predict and certainly not preventable. I have a relative who is a young woman who has brain cancer. Do you have any idea how huge the medical bills are for something like this? That is not to mention the amount of other debt incurred along with medical bills.


Your Options For Medical Bills 

Trips to the hospitals and clinics cost real money, and if you don’t have the cash available, we charge it right? So, a lot of debt may not be actual medical bills but are directly related to medical problems. I don’t have to tell any of you suffering from medical problems the amount of energy, time, and money that gets invested in just going to and from medical clinics and hospitals. Some of these visit require longer stays and expenses associated with hotels and food.

Yes, bankruptcy can discharge all medical debt. Sometimes, people think that maybe there is a separate bankruptcy that gets filed for medical bills in Edina, MN, but that is not so. Either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will discharge medical debt.

Pushing The Reset Button

So, if you are suffering from overwhelming debt associated with medical problems, there is a reset button you can push to cure the overwhelming problem for good. Sometimes the medicine doesn’t taste great but if it solves the medical problem, you take the medicine. Same is true for bankruptcy. If it solves the overwhelming debt problem for good, you take the medicine and move on with your life.


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