Minnesotans Filing Bankruptcy Deserve To Be Treated Like Rockstars

Posted by Wesley Scott on May 16, 2020 at 8:45 AM
Wesley Scott

benefits of a full-service bankruptcy law firmDo you find this headline to be peculiar? I don’t. In fact, we believe this 100% at Kain & Scott. This is not some marketing gimmick at all. We honor the courage it takes Minnesotans to reach out for help. How do we honor the courage it takes to reach out to Kain & Scott? In everything we do from the moment you reach out to Kain & Scott until we are finished putting you through our FREE 90 Day Credit Repair Program and beyond. You see, we are never done with clients at Kain & Scott. Our guests sometimes need things from us years after we represented them in a case. No problem is what you will always hear from us.

We treat all of our guests with kindness, professionalism, helpfulness, and exceptional customer service. It is in our DNA. In fact, this is how we are hire all employees at Kain & Scott and this is how the managing partner must behave as well—and we mean it! At Kain & Scott, we know it is not about us, it is about treating our employees and guests really well. You would be surprised how some firms find it difficult to treat their guests and employees well. All you have to do is look at some review sites like Google and Glassdoor. Google is primary for our guest reviews and Glassdoor is for our employees.

Don’t be afraid to take a look under the hood of the law firm you are considering before you hire a Minnesota bankruptcy law firm—you will be glad you did!

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A word from Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney, Wesley Scott