Google Map Listing Spam And Minnesota Law Firms

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 8, 2020 at 4:32 PM
Wesley Scott

MN Bankruptcy Attorney Unfortunately, there are people in Minnesota who are bent on spamming Google maps and distorting their hours of services or whether they are even actually at a location at all. I recently came across a scenario where the law firm had not been in their purported office location in almost 4 years! This is despite a live Google Map listing showing the law firm had an office at a physical location and the law firm was open like 75 hours per week. In reality, this was not their office and not only was their purported office not open 75 hours a week, they had not been there for almost 4 years.

This sort of deception is exactly what Minnesotans suffering from overwhelming debt do not need at the time they are suffering and are in need of help. So then why do law firms spam Google Maps and trick Minnesotans? Because it makes the law firm money. How so? Well, if I live in your community and I need to file bankruptcy, and I come across a Google Map Listing that says hey we are here, we are large, and we do a lot of this, the chances are you may call their number. What you don’t know is if the Google Map listing is there because the law firm told Google that their location is real, their hours are real, and the location is staffed. What you don’t know is none of that is true.

The location is an empty office which is normally locked, and normally has no staff at all, but it got you to call them didn’t it? These type of shenanigans need to end.

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A word from Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney, Wesley Scott