One St Paul WOmens Chapter 7 Horror Story & How To Avoid Her Mistake!

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 1, 2019 at 11:31 PM
Wesley Scott

Bonnie was in over her head with debts. She was suffering needlessly. So she did some on-line research and made a phone call to an out of state “law firm” that said they do bankruptcy work. She spoke to a sales person who was not a lawyer. The sales person said she could file Chapter 7 bankruptcy but before the case got filed she would have to make monthly payments and pay the fee in full before they filed her case.

So Bonnie made payments until she paid the fee in full. But, before Bonnie filed the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, she decided she wanted to hire a Minnesota based law firm to file her case. You see, the sales person had hooked Bonnie up with a Minnesota lawyer who was not as experienced in bankruptcy as Bonnie wanted. So, Bonnie demanded a refund of her fees and the out of state “law firm” returned only a fraction of her fees claiming they had done “work” on her file. But Bonnie never filled out their worksheets, never seen the local lawyer, and never filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy so how could this company claim they had done all this work?

Bonnie eventually sought the aid of the US TRUSTEE’s OFFICE to get her money back from this out of state company. The mistake you can avoid is to NEVER speak to anyone outside of Minnesota about filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St Paul, MN. ALWAYS call only Minnesota based bankruptcy law firms to help you file bankruptcy in Minnesota. You will be so happy you did!


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