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(Video) Can My Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer Get Rid Of My Medical Debt?

Posted by Wesley Scott on February 22

Having a medical problem is awful enough- but just wait until you get home and receive the medical bills. If you didn’t want to die before, you will now. It shouldn’t be this way. You should not have to go bankrupt to protect your family from medical problems. And yet, our health insurance coverages get worse and the medical out of pocket costs grow larger.

Apart from politicians and large medical providers, who else benefits from a system like this? No one! The problem with overwhelming medical debt is it’s so unpredictable and uncontrollable. You can’t help medical problems for the most part.

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Posted by William Kain on February 21

For the past six weeks we’ve taken a pretty “deep dive” into the nuts and bolts of bankruptcy. This week, I’ll try to wrap this up with a look at the function of the bankruptcy discharge - the “finish line” for bankruptcy. Again, the lens through which I will look at this issue is the twin policy goals of bankruptcy - to treat creditors fairly and to allow debtors to live with dignity.

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How to Find a Winning Minnesota Bankruptcy Law Firm

Posted by Kelsey Quarberg on February 21

Sports fans have been anxiously waiting and the time is almost here: March Madness. As you gear up for a series of exciting games and limitless chicken wings, there’s one preparation that any dedicated basketball fan takes very seriously: picking a winning bracket.

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Can Bankruptcy Be Filed On Medical Bills In Minnesota?

Posted by William Kain on February 19

Hundreds of your neighbors want to know the same thing, because medical bills are the leading cause of consumer bankruptcy in Minneapolis. For various reasons, these expenses have increased much faster than the cost of other goods and services, so the size of these bills catches many people off guard.

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Posted by Wesley Scott on February 16

There are a lot of talking heads on tv and the radio who will tell you to try and avoid filing bankruptcy. I say nuts! I say you should err on the side of filing bankruptcy and getting your life back. Why? Look, we all want to pay our bills okay, so can we just take that off the table right now? If you could pay your bills, you wouldn’t be reading this blog! Am I right?

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Posted by Wesley Scott on February 15

I am amazed at the number of Americans that don’t know the government actually has a government sponsored debt consolidation plan for you! It’s called a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and it is amazing! The number of benefits of being in a government sponsored debt consolidation plan cannot be understated.

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Posted by Wesley Scott on February 14

Once you have made the decision to get your life back, by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you want to know how long is this going to take to get your life back right? When people make up their minds to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, they are so excited to get their lives back they always want to know when? When do I get my life back, improve my credit profile, and live for the future!

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(Video) 3 Reasons Why Debt Consolidation Sucks - Minneapolis Bankruptcy Does Not

Posted by Wesley Scott on February 13

Yes, I know, there are better words in the English dictionary than ‘bankruptcy”. But, not filing bankruptcy is even worse! Don’t believe me, let’s talk. My opinion has always been the same, Minneapolis, Minnesotan’s should err on the side of Minneapolis Bankruptcy. Debt consolidation sucks. Why? Well, there are numerous reasons why debt consolidation sucks, but here are three.

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(Video) 2 Things All St Cloud Minnesota Bankruptcy Clients Should Know

Posted by Wesley Scott on February 12

Filing Bankruptcy in St Cloud is about getting your life back sooner than later. Any delay in getting your life back means that your family is drowning in debt when there are life jackets back at the cabin that could have been used to save your life! We know how humbling the “b” word can be. We respect the courage and anxiety it takes for to reach out for help. There are 2 things that every St Cloud Minnesota Bankruptcy client must know.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Minnesota Bankruptcy

Posted by Kelsey Quarberg on February 10

If you’re one of the thousands of Minnesota residents who is considering filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, follow these simple tips to help you get the most out of your Minnesota bankruptcy.


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Protecting Your Privacy During a Minnesota Bankruptcy

Posted by William Kain on February 9

One of the main concerns our clients have about filing for bankruptcy in Minnesota is the protection of their privacy.

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How Does Bankruptcy “Work” - Part 4

Posted by William Kain on February 8

For the last three weeks, I’ve written about the function of bankruptcy to serve the twin purposes Congress set out in passing bills that codified bankruptcy law into the Bankruptcy Code: treating creditors fairly and allowing debtors to live with dignity.  I’ve written about why the bankruptcy debtor has to list assets and liabilities accurately in her schedules, about the specific features of chapter 13, the benefits of the automatic stay in bankruptcy and the requirement that the bankruptcy debtor list all of her creditors in her bankruptcy paperwork.  This week, I’ll continue to look at how bankruptcy law and procedure seeks to meet the policy goals of Congress.

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Can Bankruptcy Stop Evictions In Minneapolis?

Posted by William Kain on February 6

Depending on the timing, bankruptcy’s automatic stay often stops eviction actions in Minneapolis, even if the wolves are already gathering at the door.

To fully answer this question, it’s important to understand how the eviction process works in the Gopher State. In most cases, landlords give notice of the defect and an opportunity to cure. Most Minneapolis evictions are based on unpaid rent. Some other common grounds include a lease violation (e.g. an unauthorized pet or roommate), drug activity, prostitution, weapons violations, or some other public nuisance, and a holdover tenancy. This letter is not a legal eviction notice, even if it contains the E-word.

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Can You Use Your Credit Cards in Brainerd Before Filing Bankruptcy?

Posted by Jesse Horoshak on February 2

You have had a good paying job and also using your credit cards for purchases like any other person would when the unthinkable happens: you either lose your job or for some reason your income decreases.  The dam is about to break and there is no relief in sight because you now have these credit card bills that you previously had been able to pay and had every intent to pay back.  Bankruptcy seems like the best option to get your life back, but you have heard that your creditors will cry “FRAUD!” because you have been using your credit cards recently and you fear you need to wait 90 days before you can file bankruptcy.  Your worry is that you simply cannot wait any longer.  You do not want to be accused of fraud, but you also do not think you can wait 90 days before filing for bankruptcy.  You need relief sooner rather than later.  What can you do?  What SHOULD you do?

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(Video) Common Fears Associated With Filing Bankruptcy In Minnesota

Posted by Wesley Scott on February 1

If you live in Minnesota and you are contemplating filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you might feel nervous about doing so. After all, you don’t file bankruptcy every day. You will have a lot of questions about doing so. You may feel nervous about filing bankruptcy.

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