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Filing Bankruptcy In Minnesota? Please Be Aware of Scammers!

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 12

If you are a resident of Minnesota, be careful about getting sucked into using services of an out of state marketing company, or out of state law firm trying to help you File Bankruptcy in MinnesotaSome of these companies have www.glassdoor.com reviews from their former employees that are scathing.

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(Video) Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure In Bloomington?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 8

It can happen to anyone. You fall behind on your mortgage payments and you start to panic. And trust me, there are not many things that can make you panic like the thought of losing your Bloomington home because you fell behind on the payments. However, with Bankruptcy you are in luck. Bankruptcy stops foreclosure and here's how...

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(Video) What Bankruptcy Should I File In Monticello, Minnesota?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 5

So, you live in or around Monticello, Minnesota and you know you need to file bankruptcy but you are not sure which bankruptcy you need to file. There are some simple questions to ask to figure out which bankruptcy makes sense for you.

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(Video) Minnesotan Clients Choose Kain & Scott To File Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 4

Why do Minnesotans choose Kain & Scott to file bankruptcy? Simple. Kain & Scott has the best customer service experience than any other bankruptcy law firm in Minnesota. But, don’t take my word for it, read what our former and current guests say about us online with google reviews. Kain & Scott is Minnesota’s highest Google reviewed bankruptcy law firm- period.

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(Video) How Do I Know If I Should File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In St Cloud, MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 3

It’s a simple question isn’t it? I mean how do you really know if you should stop paying your bills and push the reset button? You will hear so many financial “gurus” tell you to try and avoid bankruptcy. I think these people are nuts. In fact, I would tell to you to err on the side of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and getting your life back. Why? Simple. Life is short. Do you want to be bogged down in debt for eternity with crappy credit anyway or do you want to live for the future, know you can pay your bills on time, and seek a new life?

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(Video) Can Bankruptcy Clear Medical Debt In St Cloud, Minnesota?

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 2

There is nothing worse than medical debt. Why? Because it is so unpredictable and uncontrollable. It’s one thing to have to go through a surgery or awful illness but it is even worse when you sit back, hopefully healthy again, and receive all of the medical bills from the illness or surgery.

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Minneapolis Bankruptcy and Divorce

Posted by William Kain on December 27

One of the top reasons debtors at our Minneapolis Bankruptcy Law Firm end up filing for bankruptcy is divorce. It is unfortunate because divorce is hard enough as is. Hurt, betrayal, anger, grief, sadness and additional emotions can consume you, plus you have to get through the muddy water divorce creates, such as dividing your assets and learning to live on your own again.

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(Video) Are Bankruptcy Filings Published In The St Cloud, MN Newspaper?

Posted by Wesley Scott on December 26

One of the common concerns that our Minnesota guests have is will my bankruptcy be published in the St Cloud, MN newspaper? I get this. When you are knee deep in debt you feel like a loser- you don’t want anyone else knowing what you are going through lest they judge you, right?

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Become Debt-Free in 2018 with Minnesota Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on December 22

Did 2017 wreak havoc on your finances? 2018 is almost here; while you’re stocking up on champagne, decorations, and party hats to ring in the new year, you probably can’t believe that 2017 has come and gone so quickly. As you sit down to write out your resolutions for 2018, have you thought about what you can do in the New Year to finally get rid of your debt for good?

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Commonly-Asked Questions: Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Differences

Posted by William Kain on December 21

For the past five weeks, I’ve written about the differences between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  It’s taken a lot of words to go through the differences between the two chapters.  For the client considering filing a bankruptcy, the choices can be somewhat daunting, so it’s important for our clients at Kain & Scott to know as much as possible about the differing approaches to debts that are present in chapter 7 and chapter 13.  Only when clients have a full understanding of the operation of both chapters, and the outcomes with respect to various types of debt can the client make an informed choice regarding which chapter is best for them.

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Unexpected Debt and Minnesota Bankruptcy

Posted by Kelsey Quarberg on December 20

Has Mother Nature caught you off guard with unprecedented winter storms?

No matter how prepared you think you are for winter, chances are when an unexpected snowstorm hits, you find that there was something you forgot: extra batteries, driveway salt, or the ever-important loaf of bread and gallon of milk may make the difference between enjoying the winter wonderland outside or cursing the swirling white fury outside your window.

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Bankruptcy and Marriage in Maple Grove, MN: Does Your Spouse Have to File & Other Common Questions

Posted by William Kain on December 19

Our married clients often have many questions regarding how filing bankruptcy will affect their spouses. The first question is usually whether the spouse must also file. The second question is typically whether the spouse will need to be involved in the process, and if so, how much. The third most asked question is usually how the spouse will be affected by the filing. These three common questions will be discussed below.

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How Bankruptcy Can Help With Your Utility Bills in Wadena

Posted by Misty Myers on December 18

If you are living in Wadena and you are thinking about debt and bankruptcy, you are probably thinking about credit cards, loans, mortgages, and things like that.  What you may not be thinking about are utility bills.  Yet, utility bills are often the bills that get juggled when we are living paycheck to paycheck.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Priority Debt

Posted by William Kain on December 15

Over the last month, I’ve tried to answer one of the questions most often posed to me by prospective clients: which bankruptcy chapter is best for me?  What’s the difference between the two chapters.  And since this is the fourth week that I’ve spent writing on this question, the answer to those questions is obviously a bit involved.  This week I’ll write some more about the differences in the way chapter 7 and chapter 13 operate - and this week we’ll look at the differences as they apply to priority unsecured debt.

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Your Biggest Minnesota Bankruptcy Questions, Answered

Posted by Wesley Scott on December 14

As Minnesota’s oldest bankruptcy law firm, we’ve heard every bankruptcy question in the book over the last 50 years of helping Minnesotans erase their debt.

Here are some of your biggest Minnesota bankruptcy questions, answered:

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