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Divorce and Bankruptcy

Posted by William Kain on February 18

Financial trouble is probably one of the leading causes of divorce, and as a result, divorce and bankruptcy often go hand-in-hand. As stressful as it is to face both a possible bankruptcy and the break-up of your marriage, rushing into either decision can create a lot of problems. Fortunately, some careful planning can help minimize the impact so that you can move on with your life and in a better position than you are in now.

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(Video) What Should Come First... Divorce or Bankruptcy?

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 4

It is one of the big triggers for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Not every relationship stays together. This, is a fact of life. Not shocking stuff right? But, the aftermath of a divorce can leave you financially and emotionally devastated. The question naturally becomes, do I get a divorce first or start my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy first?

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Don't Let Bankruptcy and Divorce Be the End of Your World

Posted by William Kain on December 19

Bankruptcy and divorce are two concepts that most people never entertain as they are beginning their adult life. As we step out into the adult world to begin building our life, we never dream that one day we may be facing overwhelming debts that we cannot pay and a failing marriage. Bankruptcy and divorce can crush your dreams, your spirit and life as you know it.

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MN Divorce Lawyers: Here's What Can Happen To Your Fees If Your Client Files Chapter 7 

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 1

Let’s face it, not every client you meet with has 10k to put down toward legal fees. Some clients require the use of a payment plan to pay attorney fees incurred in a divorce. But, what happens if your client files a bankruptcy during or after the divorce, and meanwhile, the client has incurred a hefty bill for your services?

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Did You Know Wedding Rings Can't Be Seized to Pay Debts in MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on April 25

As a society, we value marriage. Culturally speaking, there is probably no more important institution than the institution of marriage. I am also happy to see this institution authorized for all members of society not just certain segments of society. But did you know that the one the single most important symbols of marriage, the wedding ring, could be seized to pay ones debts in Minnesota? Crazy but true.

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