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With Kain & Scott, Bankruptcy is Nothing to Worry About

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 13

The bankruptcy process, like any other legal proceeding, is tricky, intricate, and absolutely covered in red tape and fine print. Thinking about tackling a bankruptcy filing on your own can be absolutely overwhelming. Not to mention having to battle through the shame and stigma of filing for bankruptcy. Where does a Minnesotan even begin?

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Does the Thought of Filing Bankruptcy in Minnesota Make You Sick?

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 14

 At Kain & Scott, we understand how you feel. Our former guests felt the same way you do now. But what our former guests found is just the opposite. Getting their lives back was not only powerful but they regretted waiting so long before they filed bankruptcy, to begin with. 

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Two Things You Should Never Do Before Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 30

We see a lot of Minnesotans who are suffering from overwhelming debt. When they initially speak to us they always want to know, are there things I should not do before filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? The answer is yes! Two things come to mind right off the bat. Sometimes, it is not that these things will prevent you from filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, but they will definitely complicate your bankruptcy needlessly.

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Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy (Part 2 of 2)

Posted by William Kain on March 24

In the first part of this topic, we discussed developing good financial practices to help you rebuild your credit. If you haven’t already read that post, we strongly recommend that you review it before reading this one - the steps discussed in this post won’t do you much good if you haven’t yet gotten your financial house in order. Good financial habits are a necessity when it comes to rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy.

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What is Involuntary Bankruptcy?

Posted by William Kain on March 21

Most people come into our office wondering whether bankruptcy is the right choice for them. However, there are some instances where the choice is made for them because they have had an involuntary bankruptcy petition filed against them.

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What Happens When Your Creditors Challenge Your Bankruptcy?

Posted by William Kain on March 15

When you file for bankruptcy, you are required to notify all of your creditors. This gives your creditors the opportunity to challenge your bankruptcy filing - they might argue that you shouldn’t be allowed to file bankruptcy at all, or they might have an issue with some particular aspect of your bankruptcy. As intimidating as this may sound, the reality is that you will be given an opportunity to respond to their challenges, and ultimately, the court will decide whether or not you should be allowed to proceed. It may still sound scary, but rest assured that the playing field while in bankruptcy is much more level than it was before you filed for bankruptcy. If you’re worried about possible objections to your bankruptcy case, a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney can help you both avoid and respond to those objections.

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How to Make Those Collection Calls Stop

Posted by William Kain on March 11

Collection calls can make an already difficult situation miserable. They won’t stop calling until to you talk to them, but you don’t know what to say - you don’t want to make promises you can’t keep, and you’re so overwhelmed that you’re not sure there is anything you can pay. If you could just get the calls to stop, you could maybe focus and come up with a plan to get out of your current situation.

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What Income and Expenses Count on the Means Test?

Posted by William Kain on February 27

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an extremely powerful tool that can help you get out from underneath overwhelming debt and get a fresh start. However, most people don’t realize that you have to be income-qualified in order to be eligible to file for Chapter 7.

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Will You Have to Go to Court for your Bankruptcy Case?

Posted by William Kain on February 26

Thanks to all of the courtroom dramas we see on television, most people are terrified by the prospect of going to court. It often keeps people from going to court who need to - the idea of someone aggressively questioning them and trying to trip them up is just too intimidating. Even people in dire financial situations are afraid to file for bankruptcy because they don’t want to go to court.

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How to Decide if Bankruptcy is Right for You

Posted by William Kain on February 25

Financial stress can be overwhelming and leave you feeling like you have nowhere to turn. Bill collectors are calling, you can’t keep up with your bills, and you don’t see your situation improving anytime soon. While bankruptcy may seem like the obvious choice, this is a big decision and should be made only after careful consideration. If you feel like you’re out of options and are considering filing for bankruptcy, a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney can help you decide whether bankruptcy really is right for you.

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Can You File for Bankruptcy Twice?

Posted by William Kain on February 24

Clients often come to us unsure of whether bankruptcy is the right option for them, or whether they can file bankruptcy at all. If you’ve previously filed for bankruptcy, or if you think you may need to file more than once, this question becomes more complicated. The simple answer is yes, you can file for bankruptcy again, but the timing and other details are important.

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Divorce and Bankruptcy

Posted by William Kain on February 18

Financial trouble is probably one of the leading causes of divorce, and as a result, divorce and bankruptcy often go hand-in-hand. As stressful as it is to face both a possible bankruptcy and the break-up of your marriage, rushing into either decision can create a lot of problems. Fortunately, some careful planning can help minimize the impact so that you can move on with your life and in a better position than you are in now.

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Consumer Bankruptcy for Sole Proprietors

Posted by William Kain on January 31


Judging by what you see and hear in the media, it's not uncommon to hear about businesses filing for bankruptcy. Some of these businesses go on to success in life after bankruptcy. And these aren’t just huge, national corporations - according to the Small Business Administration, roughly 80 percent of small businesses will fail. If you’re a sole proprietor whose business is facing insurmountable debt, you may be wondering whether bankruptcy is a viable option for you.

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