Welcome to Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 23, 2019 at 9:29 AM
Wesley Scott

Minnesotan talking to a MInneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer from Kain & Scott Thank you for the warm welcome.” Our Kain & Scott team sees and hears these words on a daily basis and it never fails to elicit a smile from everyone around. More than once we have all heard that our clients deciding factor when choosing a bankruptcy attorney was Kain & Scott’s hospitality (the experience and professionalism was just considered an added bonus!)

And, while we are so glad to hear that our friendliness and warmth means so much to so many of our clients, pulling back and thinking about that fact can be a little troubling.

How sad that treating people with respect and kindness has become a novelty –a pleasant but an ultimately unexpected surprise. Imagine (or maybe you don’t even have to) being a potential client and walking into an appointment (for whatever it may be –for anything!) and expecting to be invisible, pushed aside. Imagine a receptionist who barely looks up from their computer or a doctor or nurse who appears bored the entire time they’re diagnosing you! Imagine being shuttled from a waiting room to an office, without a word, without so much as a “we really appreciate your time. Thank you for being here.”

We know that bankruptcy sucks. We know how difficult it is for our clients to walk through our doors. How could we not offer the best that we’re capable of giving? How could we sit our clients in a dimly lit corner and make them wait twenty minutes passed their scheduled appointment time until an attorney bothers to step down off their high horse to start their consultation?!

You don’t have to thank us for the welcome –it’s our pleasure and we’re sorry if you have ever been treated any differently. Welcome to Kain & Scott –sit back and relax and let us help you get your life back.


We are MN’S NICEST bankruptcy law firm. Visit www.kainsctt.com to request a bankruptcy consultation and your own warm welcome today.