What Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law Firm in St Paul Should You Hire?

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 29, 2019 at 10:10 AM
Wesley Scott

st paul bankruptcy law firmWhich St. Paul, Minnesota bankruptcy law firm you hire is an important question to ask yourself. There are not many stressors in life that are as high as the need to file bankruptcy. Do you really want to hire a law firm that treats you like a number and treats their employees like dirt? Of course not. I am sure you would not be shocked to hear that unfortunately some law firm’s don’t treat their employees very well and when that happens, guess who also suffers? Yes, you do! That is not right—especially in a time of vulnerability for our guests.

I wish I could tell you this was not true. I wish I could tell you that all Minnesota bankruptcy law firms are equal in their treatment of employees and clients. They most certainly are not. Have you ever visited www.glassdoor.com? At this site, you can see how the bankruptcy law firm treats their employees and what the employees have to say about their experience with the law firm. It is a wonderful tool to see the inside workings of the firm from the perspective of the employee.

The other thing to watch closely is Google reviews. Don’t just read a few of these reviews on the firm read a lot of them and in particular from the city in which the law firm is based. If you read many of these reviews you will find yourself coming back to the same St. Paul, Minnesota Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law firm over and over again. The St. Paul, Minnesota Chapter 7 Bankruptcy firm you should hire is Kain & Scott.


When the time is right, or when you are ready, reach out to Minnesota’s HIGHEST GOOGLE reviewed bankruptcy law firm at www.kainscott.com. You will be so happy you did!