What You Need For Your Meeting of Creditors

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 9, 2019 at 8:17 AM
Wesley Scott

Many clients dread their 341 meetings (also known as the ‘Meeting of Creditors’). The thought of a court appearancecommonly asked question about chapter 7 vs. 13 bankruptcy sends some people into a panic. But take a deep breath, when you choose to work with Kain & Scott, we make sure you are well prepared!

We make sure these meetings are quick and painless for our clients by ensuring all of the documents that the trustee will request are sent to the trustee ahead of time. We also make sure that clients have plenty of reminders and plenty of time to gather all of these documents and send them over to our in-house document specialist. 

These documents are easy to get with a simple phone call or visit your bank and/or employer. Firstly, if you have not already provided your most recently filed tax returns, we will need a copy of those bad boys. Secondly, you will be asked to provide your most recent paystub. This is the paystub that is nearest to your 341 meeting date, not your date of filing. Finally, you will be asked to provide us with a few statements. These statements must include your date of filing. Contact our office if you are unsure of this date and we can easily get it for you! The statements that we and the trustee require are bank statements (any and all checking and savings accounts) and (if you have one) an HSA statement that has your date of filing as well. 

While we are unable to get these statements and documents for you, if you find yourself struggling to obtain them, give our office a call and we will help as best we can to guide you in the right direction so you are well prepared for your meeting!


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