Who Will Know I filed bankruptcy?

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 17, 2020 at 3:13 PM
Wesley Scott

 How does bankruptcy actually work?A lot of prospective clients want to know, who will know that I filed bankruptcy? This is a good question and one that I would also like probed before I filed bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is public information. However, this is not state court it is federal court. You cannot go down to your local courthouse and look up your neighbor’s bankruptcy because it will not be there. Instead, there are federal data bases that hold information on who filed bankruptcy and when. These data bases are password protected and you have to pay or link a credit card to the data base to gain access to it. Who among us is going to go through the trouble of a) finding the data base, b) sign up for an account, and c) link your credit card to the account to gain access to check on whether someone did or did not file bankruptcy?

Your employer will not know unless you owe your employer money. Your friends and family and neighbors will not know unless they do the above. What I always told people is this; your job is to protect your family right? I mean if you need to protect your family and make sure your family eats and has a roof of their heads do you really care what someone else thinks anyway? They have not walked in your shoes, and quite frankly, had they walked in your shoes they would be doing the same thing.

Finally, in a world of constant stress we all have our own crosses to carry. My working theory has always been I am not worried about your crosses because I have my own. Nearly 100% of people have their own stresses and concerns to be worried about someone else’s stresses.

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