Filing Bankruptcy in MN? Hire a Minnesota Law Firm

Posted by Wesley Scott on May 15, 2020 at 5:27 PM
Wesley Scott

minnesota bankruptcy lawyersDoesn’t it sound strange to read this? I think it does. Wouldn’t it make sense if you wanted to file a bankruptcy in Minnesota to hire a Minnesota law firm? I think it makes perfect sense. I feel bad for Minnesotans who are solicited by out of state companies or “law firms” to file bankruptcy in Minnesota. You say wait, how does that work? Well, it starts with being very careful when you first communicate with someone about bankruptcy. It turns out, there are companies who solicit you to file bankruptcy in Minnesota by “signing you up” and then referring you back to a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney?

If you ever speak or communicate with anyone outside of Minnesota about filing bankruptcy in Minnesota, cease the communication or hang the phone up promptly. At least some of these companies sign you up and then refer you back to a Minnesota attorney who has agreed to split what you pay with the out of state company. How is this even legal? We are not sure. But it continues to occur and that is a tragedy. I have had occasion to deal with some of the lawyers they refer these good Minnesotans to and it is often lawyers than the client would have never used had they researched on their own.

In at least one case I know of, the Minnesota attorney who agreed to split his fees with this out of state entity received an ethics complaint and decided to retire. If you live in Minnesota and need to file bankruptcy, IN MINNESOTA, do not let yourself get entangled with out of state companies who do this.

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