Receiving Solicitations from a Bankruptcy Lawyer After Getting a Judgment

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 22, 2020 at 3:39 PM
Wesley Scott

Filing-Bankruptcy-Minnesota-1Have you ever had the experience of having a creditor get a judgment against you only to have a bankruptcy lawyer send you a letter soliciting you to file bankruptcy? Don’t you think this personal solicitation is a little cheesy? I mean it is bad enough to have a creditor get a judgment against you but then you have lawyers swooping in to profit off your misery? This does not seem ethical or professional at all. At Kain & Scott we never will send you a letter asking that you file bankruptcy with us because a creditor got a judgment against you. 

At Kain & Scott, we are here for Minnesotans when Minnesotans suffering from debt decide it is time to reach out for our help; not when Kain & Scott decides it is time for you to reach out to us for help. Sending a solicitation letter to someone in debt is just kicking the person in the gut when you are down. Why would the law firm do this? To profit off your misery of course.

There is a better way. If you need help with debt, and you desire to get your life back now, only then should you reach out to Kain & Scott for help. You will never find Kain & Scott stooping to the level of sending solicitations to potential clients who are suffering with debt. 

You see, Kain & Scott is professional, kind, helpful, and delivers exceptional customer service. We would never take advantage of our client’s suffering, ever. If you get a solicitation in the mail from a bankruptcy lawyer after receiving a judgment against you, throw the solicitation in the garbage where it belongs and call a professional Minnesota bankruptcy law firm. 

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