Posted by Wesley Scott on September 12, 2018 at 4:08 PM
Wesley Scott

This is one of the saddest blogs I think I will ever do. People hate seeing the doctor no matter what. Males are especially notorious for not going to the doctor. I don’t have to tell women the dignity you lose at the hospital because they already know. Men don’t go to the doctor until it’s absolutely necessary- and if it is something embarrassing, they would almost rather die! NO lie!

How many of us wish to have medical problems? None of us right? How many of us cringe when there is something wrong, not just because of the medical problem itself, but the fallout from it too. Lost wages, hospital stays, hotels, travelling costs, and the medical bills themselves are enough to sicken anyone if you weren’t sick enough before.

Why on earth should it be this way? Good grief- being sick is punishment enough is it not? Health insurances cover less and less. There are pre-existing conditions, co-pays, deductibles, and the costs of prescription drugs is criminal. How on earth can we charge someone 1k for a pill that will save their life? So we are placing a price tag on everyone’s life. It’s morbid I know and it’s also very wrong.

So we avoid the doctors and the hospitals and suffer the consequences because we don’t want the resulting medical bills that may drive us to bankruptcy. This is complete crap. Get the procedure done, protect your health first. And if you need to, look to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for a fresh start. I have even seen young people, maybe 27 years old, with cancer and NO health insurance. Terrible.

Thankfully, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a tool that can be used to pick up the pieces again and promote a fresh start to your life.


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