How to Find the Best Lawyer Near You When Filing for Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 3, 2019 at 11:15 AM
Wesley Scott

We can help you. At Kain & Scott, we honor the courage it takes to reach out to us for help in solving an find-best-duluth-bankruptcy-attorneyoverwhelming debt problem for good. We honor the courage it takes to reach out to us for help in solving a debt problem by treating you with kindness, helpfulness, professionalism and exceptional customer service. Trust me, we have heard all the horror stories of really subpar service. We have had guests tell us the lawyer they met with fell asleep during their consult, that the lawyer wanted to meet with the clients in his home, and young lawyers who meet with clients in spaces at night that are not even owned by the law firm.

This kind of service is obviously a poor service. This is not what you should expect after summoning the courage to reach out for help. Instead, you should be receiving rock star treatment. But what we find is that some of these “professionals” are more interested in numbers than they are people. That is a sad reality but it is also the truth.

If you are looking to be treated with kindness, helpfulness, professionalism, and exceptional customer service, you will feel at home at Kain & Scott. Everyone we hire takes a pledge to uphold our core values. It is how employees are trained, rewarded, and graded. And if anyone on our team cannot meet these requirements, they cannot work at Kain & Scott. 

I have high anxiety. It would take substantial courage for me to reach out for help. I would want to be treated the same way as we treat our guests and each other.


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