Final Steps After Filing Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 8, 2019 at 12:09 PM
Wesley Scott

You will leave your Review & Sign appointment with Kain & Scott with three things: 1) relief because you are now onBankruptcy-Lawyer-St-Paul the fast track to getting your life back, 2) an expected date of filing for your case, and 3) a list of documents and information (if any) that is missing and still needed before your attorney can file your case. 

The final steps of filing your case mainly involve cleaning up any loose ends and coordinating to find any stray documents with your attorney and their legal assistant. Common documents that clients tend to need a little more time gather can be business income and expenses, legal descriptions, or miscellaneous creditor statements. Your attorney will provide you with a checklist of the specific documents that are still needed and when those documents need to be provided by (your expected filing date). 

Once all of that final information has been turned in and your date of filing has come, the last bit of information needed is your current bank account balances (both savings accounts and checking). When those numbers are updated, your case will be filed! After your case is filed, there really isn’t much left to it!

At this point, a simple five to ten-minute court hearing which your Kain & Scott team will make sure you are well prepared and prepped for is all that stands between you and the sweet relief from your overwhelming debt (a.k.a. your bankruptcy discharge). 

Our goal at Kain & Scott is to make sure your case is filed as quickly and as efficiently as possible and we need your help to do it! A few documents and numbers from you and we can get you on your way to a fresh start ASAP!


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