Is Everyone Going to Know I Filed for Bankruptcy?!

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 20, 2019 at 9:58 AM
Wesley Scott

don't let fear get in the way of financial freedomWe have all had that feeling –that “everyone is staring at me! Why? Is there something in my teeth? Are my pants on backwards?” feeling. Being judged, being scrutinized. And, knowing that feeling, many potential clients worry that once they file for bankruptcy, the entire world will know or somehow be able to smell it on them. Bankruptcy is portrayed as a dark cloud that follows you around everywhere that everyone can see and judge.  

As someone who grew up in a small community where gossip was practically an Olympic sport, I can more than understand the trepidation to file for bankruptcy when you think that everyone and their mother will be whispering behind your back.

Yes, it is true that bankruptcy filings are available for the public to see. But I am going to lay down two hard facts for you right now: 1) No one is going to know you filed for bankruptcy unless you tell them and 2) Even if someone happens to find out –they do not care! They do not care because chances are they know more people who have filed for bankruptcy than not. In order for someone to find out that you have filed for bankruptcy, they would have to take the time out of their day to scrounge through court and public records. If some busybody does that, we all know that their opinion is not anything worth losing sleep over.

More people have filed for bankruptcy than we realize and, despite what the news may portray, empathy is still alive and well in our society and there is no shame in taking advantage of a debt relief solution like bankruptcy. There should be no shame in taking back control of your life and ridding yourself of debt that is weighing you down.


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