Expect the Best with Kain & Scott

Posted by Wesley Scott on December 11, 2019 at 9:36 AM
Wesley Scott

Best-Bankruptcy-Lawyer-Roseville-MNI am the type of person who does not like the unexpected. Before I do anything, I want to know: what is the plan? What can I expect? When, where, and how are things going to happen? Whether it is a night out with friends or an important doctor’s appointment, I need to know what is going on!

Filing for bankruptcy is a huge decision. Going through this process can be a very scary and confusing experience, so knowing exactly what to expect when working with a bankruptcy firm is extremely important.  

So, what should you expect when filing your bankruptcy with Kain & Scott?

First of all, we want to talk to you! An initial consultation is the first step and it can be an in-office appointment or it can be over-the-phone. During this meeting, you will speak with one of our experienced attorneys (not a paralegal!). They will go over your income, expenses, debts, and assets and then make a recommendation based on the information you provide. This consultation is FREE with no-obligation and no BS!

If you decide to file for bankruptcy after your initial consultation, your next step is scheduling what we refer to as a review & sign appointment. It is exactly as it sounds! This two hour appointment is when your bankruptcy petition and schedules are reviewed for accuracy. Once this is done, we get a few signatures and then we set a date for filing your case!

Once your case is filed, the third step is the ‘341 Meeting’ or ‘Meeting of Creditors.’ This tends to be worrying for our clients but it is nothing to fear. It is a simple 5-10 minute long court hearing where a judge asks you a few simple questions to ensure that your bankruptcy schedules are correct.

The final step is the most exciting: your discharge and the beginning of your fresh start!


Have questions about the process? Looking to set up a consultation to get the ball rolling? Visit www.kainscott.com for information about MN’S NICEST, MOST EXPERIENCED bankruptcy law firm today!