Minnesota Bankruptcy Law Firms and Google Reviews

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 19, 2020 at 10:44 AM
Wesley Scott

Have you ever thought about Minnesota bankruptcy law firms and Google reviews? Well, you probably did not unless you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer right? I have always marveled at the willingness of people who filed bankruptcy to put their names on Google reviews. To me, a guests willingness to put their name on Google reviews either means that they were motivated positively by the way they were treated by the Minnesota bankruptcy law firm or they were motivated negatively by a bad experience they had with a Minnesota bankruptcy law firm.

At Kain & Scott, we know things can go wrong once in a while. We humans are imperfect beings right? We all make mistakes. But it saddens me to look at some of these Minnesota bankruptcy law firm Google reviews. When you start to see a pattern amongst the bad reviews you have to take notice. If the common thread amongst the bad reviews is the firm is horrible at communication, this should tell you something. If the common theme of the bad reviews is the staff is rude, that should tell you something.

If you see a series of reviews in a row on the same day and they are all 5 star reviews with no words (or few words) that should give you pause to wonder how this is so. I encourage all prospective clients to read those Google reviews. I don’t mean just read a few of the reviews either. I am talking you should binge read Google reviews and make sure you choose to go with Minnesota’s HIGHEST GOOGLE reviewed bankruptcy law firm. I would.


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