Why Should I File For Bankruptcy?

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 16, 2019 at 11:07 AM
Wesley Scott

biggest-bankruptcy-regrets-in-minnesotaWe are not offended knowing that we are our client’s absolute last choice. We are not hurt when clients tell us they wished they did not have to be in the office and would rather be just about anywhere else. We know and we understand. Clients come to us having exhausted every other option. Some of those options (such as debt consolidation) having plunged them even deeper into overwhelming debt than what they started with!

Bankruptcy is not anyone’s first choice. So why choose to file bankruptcy at all?

For many, the push to pull the trigger on filing bankruptcy comes in one of three forms: foreclosure, repossession, or wage garnishments. A lot of times these things creep up on you. You have been so used to the harassing calls and letters and always doing your best to keep up with payments when the notice hits. Garnishment. Foreclosure. Repo. This prompts you into immediate action: filing for bankruptcy to stop whatever it is you may be facing.

Other times the need to file comes after a lengthy, drawn out string of medical expenses. These were manageable at first but unexpected health setbacks for you or your family seemed never-ending. Now you are drowning in expenses.

In these instances bankruptcy is everyone’s last choice and one that they find themselves ashamed to make –but it shouldn’t be that way!

If you are struggling with debt or even suspect that your debts may be getting ahead of you –consider making the choice to file bankruptcy. It does not have to be a last resort. Most clients readily admit that their biggest regret is not filing sooner!

Filing for bankruptcy can offer you peace of mind immediately where other debt relief options almost always fall short.


Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you when you make the courageous choice to file bankruptcy. Go to www.kainscott.com to request a bankruptcy consultation today!