How You Feel Before Filing Bankruptcy is Polar Opposite How You Feel After Filing

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 19, 2020 at 3:22 PM
Wesley Scott

don't fear filing for bankruptcy-1You don’t need to suffer from high anxiety to be emotionally drained from the thought of having to file bankruptcy. For most of us, the thought of bankruptcy is initially devastating. At Kain & Scott, we know exactly how you feel right now. How? All of our former clients felt the same way you do at this very moment. But do you know what our clients found? Once they got on the other side of bankruptcy, they a) never regretted filing the bankruptcy and b) they are happier than they were before they filed the bankruptcy. This is why the way you feel now will not last forever.

Have you ever had a medical problem and dreaded what it would take to solve the problem? It might have involved a little physical pain along with maybe a long recovery. It could be surgery, shots, ugly medicine with horrible side effects etc. 

But once you went through it, and the medical problem was over, you were a) glad you went through it and b) you are happier than before you went through it. Now the medical problem is resolved and you can move on with your life. 

I think life is full of these moments of complete despair and then these glorifying moments of complete hope and redemption. When you are feeling the despair you feel trapped with no hope of getting past the despair. But then something happens where there is a shift and there is hope, beautiful hope. Bankruptcy is not an end, it is a new beginning. 

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